109/100 ryan

This is the third part of lesson one. The task was to use the color theme Cathy suggest, which she found from a Flor ad. Or find another existing color theme and use that. I love browns and blue and orange so it was an easy choice for me. I decided to also do something similar and find a single photo and write a letter to my child. The photo isn't great but at this age, Ryan does not like his photo taken. If I do get a photo, he is usually looking away from the camera.

I have tons of kits with this color theme, but they also seem like too much with Cathy's clean style. I know this is my layout, my style. But sometimes I like to go clean and simple. So I chose the first kit I saw which is just the papers in a linen texture. I did extend the canvas to 12x12. I added the date of the photo and was done.