20181111 cycling


Another pretty good week of riding. I finished Coffeeneuring 2018 and got to 91 miles. I feel like my average speed has increased.


Coffeeneuring #7
74° humidity 92% wind 5-6 SE
Beautiful day though breezy.
Coming down fast from The Ridge. Driver on crosswalk. I thought she turned and saw me so I began to ride in front of her. Then she started to move too! I had to swerve and brake not to hit her. I was pissed. She stopped and yelled through her window that she didn't see me and asked if I was alright. I was angry but OK. Sigh
I rode to Panera and got a bagel and a smoothie. I wanted a scone but the bagel was about half the calories.
Headwind all the way home.
18.77 miles
12.4 mph

71° humidity 93% wind 2-3 SE
Beautiful day.
Was riding hard and fast. Felt the glitch and then tachycardia started at mile 10 and didn't quit. Odd but bright HRM picked it up for 5-10 minutes. I might have averaged over 13 mph but I backed off a bit when my heart started racing.
15.0 miles
12.8 mph


70° humidity 93% wind 1-2 E
Beautiful day.
14.89 miles
12.7 mph


71° humidity 95% wind 2E
Sunny and humid. Only time for a short ride so I tried to push it but didn't have a lot of energy. Saw two calves feeding by the fence. I went to stop but the white calf turned away and ran and the block calf followed.
9.04 miles
12.7 mph


72° humidity 94% wind 3-5 SE
Felt windier today. I didn't feel like going into a headwind along Mansfield but wanted to get in 15 miles. I did a couple extra miles along Oldwoods then road back Beardsley. I played leapfrog with a school bus and won.
15.17 miles
12.8 mph


72° humidity 97% wind 2-3 N
Foggy. Tired.
Short ride because I work early today.
9.07 miles
12.6 mph

68° humidity 79% wind 6-7 NE
Cooler but windy. My mind was thinking of other things and I was getting excited to be creative and rode hard.
9.07 miles
12.8 mph

This week 91 miles
This year 3041 miles

20181104 cycling


A pretty good week for cycling. I got my 820 back and it runs smoother and quieter. I need to remember to take care of my chain better. I did two coffeeneuring rides on my days off. Now I only have one more to do and still have weeks left.


Coffeeneuring #5
71° humidity 67% wind 6-7 W 5-8 NW
Beautiful day. It was chilly this morning so I waited until it got a little warmer and decided to make it a luncheoneuring.
I rode out to BBD then up to Seven Oaks. It was windy and I had a bit of the caffeine shakes but it didn't last long. I rode back down BBD to Chancey then rode east to Mansfield. I saw a man letting his dogs run free in the field. The hound kept barking at me so I stopped and let her get used to me. I rode to SR56 and found the sidewalk blocked due to construction.
I went to Wiregrass Mall to Fresh Healthy Cafe. Spicy chicken wrap and açaí berry smoothie. $14. So good.
I rode back home SR56 to Hueland Pond. The wind helped me some.
18.73 miles
12.3 mph


65° humidity 93% wind 4-5
Sunny, cool and windy.
13.42 miles
12.8 mph


Coffeeneuring #6
75° humidity 69% wind 5-8 E
Lunch ride!
Windy and heavy traffic. I rode up to SR54. Construction along SR54.
Stopped at Starbucks. Maple Pecan Crème Frappuccino and Chicken Caprese Sandwich.
Rode west to BBD and south to Meadow Pointe. I made most of the lights! Headwind all the way back.
17.58 miles
12.3 mph


62° humidity 94% wind 5-7 SE
Chilly with the sun coming up. Beautiful sunrise.
Slowed down by school traffic at JLMS.
9.07 miles
12.5 mph


72° humidity 95% wind 9-16 S
Gloomy and windy. I rode up to Union Park and was chased by a dachshund.
Headwind along Mansfield was brutal.
14.91 miles
12.2 mph


55° humidity 87% wind 8-10 N
Cold and windy! I put on my tights and a hat. The hat didn't cover my ears so they were cold for the first 5-10 minutes.
Headwind along Mansfield and SR56.
It took a while to get up to 12 mph.
Something broke as I was coming home and I can no longer downshift. Bad luck with bikes lately.
9.02 miles
12.0 mph


70° humidity 85% wind 8-10
Cloudy, windy and sprinkles.
I did manage to get my bike to downshift which I needed with the wind. I pushed myself and didn't stop.
9.06 miles
12.5 mph

This week 91.8 miles
This year 2941 miles

20181028 cycling


Another good week of riding. Though it was less miles than last week, I feel very good good with 89 miles during a regular week with work. Then again, it wasn’t a regular week of work as I had some odd hours but they allowed me to ride more before I went in.


62° humidity 85% wind 6-7 E
Cool and windy. Love this weather.
13.2 miles
12.1 mph


69° humidity 79% wind 2-4 W
Sunny and breezy. Wind kept changing directions.
15.72 miles
12.1 mph


69° humidity 91% wind 6-7 NE
Dark and windy. The lights were not with me today.
Sunrise was pretty until I turned onto Mansfield and the sun was in my eyes.
9.06 miles
11.7 mph


66° humidity 91% wind 5-7 NE
Cool and sunny.
Still a general ache in my right arm while riding the road bike. Going to get the 820 back today.
14.21 miles
11.8 mph


73° humidity 93% wind 4-6 S
Back on my 820. I love the upright feel of it. I just wish it was little lighter, a little faster. Odd, but I rode faster today.
9.07 miles
12.4 mph


67° humidity 85% wind 5-6 NW
Wind changed direction once I got to SR56. Headwind along most of my route. Still, I pushed myself to ride above 12 mph
16.57 miles
12.3 mph


59° humidity 69% wind 7-11 N
Cool, sunny and windy.
Jerk honked at me for being in front of him in the left turn lane. I have him the finger. He accelerated and honked again. I gave him the finger again. He accelerated and went around me in the opposite lane and turned the corner in the wrong lane. I went onto the sidewalk and he stopped. I stopped. He says I cut him off but I moved when the left lane began so he was driving in the middle lane. So he is wrong. He called me a moron an sped off. Ass.
Strava kept auto-pausing while I was riding. I ended up losing about 1.5 miles. Weird.
10.0 miles (11.5)
11.1 mph (12.4)

20181028 bike miles.PNG

This week 87.9 (89.4)
This year 2859 miles

20181021 cycling


A really good week for riding. I was on vacation but had no money to go anywhere. I used those days to ride longer. I had some bike trouble but it didn’t stop me from riding. I finally broke 100 miles.


72° humidity 100% wind 3-8 E
Low clouds made the sun look odd.
No school today so traffic was light.
Headwind along Mansfield
15.23 miles
11.7 mph


Coffeeneuring #2
75° humidity 89% wind 5-7 SE
Sunny and windy.
Construction vehicles blocking my route.
Turned north at Mansfield and rode to Chancey.
Buttermilk Provisions
Dark and loud. $10.63 for ice chai and tart.
S'mores tart was really good. Basically shortbread and chocolate syrup with marshmallow web. It came first. After I was done with that, she brought out my chai. I said no sweetener and it is milk with spices. Meh. Disappointed
I fell getting back on my bike. 🤦‍♀️
Headwind the entire way home.
20.14 miles
11.4 mph


72° humidity 100% wind 2-3 SW
I went out to BBD but the wind was so slight that it didn't help along SR56.
15.93 miles
11.9 mph


74° humidity 89% wind 3-5 SW
I went out to BBD knowing that the wind was going to change directions.
Riding along SR56 was slow but not too bad.
Chain kept slipping and sagging if I stopped pedaling?!
17.41 miles
11.2 mph


Coffeeneuring #3
73° humidity 97% wind 5-5 SE
I round in the gloom to New Tampa through Flatwoods Park. Saw a dead alligator and dead raccoon in the bike lane along Morris Bridge.
Chain still slacking when I coast.
Easy pace.
Starbucks. Venti iced soy chai. Again too much in my tummy. Must remember to only get tall.
Rode back up BBD on sidewalk. Was a little bumpy until CLR then the sidewalk was gone. Ack!
Google thinks I need a new hub. Will take my bike in later.
21.39 miles
11.0 mph


Coffeeneuring #4
73° humidity 92% wind 3-5 NW
Got the 1220 down. The brake is shifted inward because of the crash. I tried to see if I could move it but I couldn't figure it out.
Pumped up the tires and took off. I was shaky. It was a different ride. I forgot how badly it needs a tune up.
My shoulder didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. I do like how nimble it is.
I skipped riding far into Union Park. Too much construction debris for my skinny tires.
I rode up Mansfield to Chancey then back down BBD to Wiregrass. I got an Apple Pie Donut from Craving Donuts. I walked around the mall but didn't see anything else. I did get some honey. I went to Starbucks because I needed to go for my star challenge. Some asshole left his monster diesel truck running when he went inside.
Rode back up SR56 to get in extra miles. Also a little lazy and didn't want to cross BBD twice. 21.04 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 81% wind 9-10 ??
Reported wind direction was SW. felt more like NE. I rode out to BBD based on report. Headwind along SR56. Left hand beginning to hurt from bruise I got a week ago at work. Right shoulder aches from broken collarbone. I do not like leaning so far over the handlebars.
14.77 miles
11.4 mph

20181021 bike miles.PNG

This week 125.9 miles
This year 2756 miles

20181014 cycling


I am happy with the mileages I rode this week. It was a crap week of work which left me with days off. I took advantage of them. I also started the 2018 Coffeeneuring challenge.


75° humidity 89% wind 7-11 E
Cloudy and very windy.
15.16 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 93% wind 10-24! E
Very windy. At least the sun was out a bit still some clouds.
15.16 miles
10.8 mph


79° humidity 87% wind 14-25! SE
Very windy. I saw no other cyclists nor joggers nor walkers about. It was me and cars and trucks.
I was too tired to push much against the wind.
9.04 miles
9.7 mph


79° humidity 94% wind 4 SW
Less wind but more humidity.
11.71 miles
11.1 mph


72° humidity 94% wind 1 NW
Got caught by the light at Mansfield both times. This is what happens when I go clockwise.
Low fog. Stopped a few times to take photos.
9.04 miles
11 mph


67° humidity 75% wind 4-5 N
Coffeeneuring #1
Cooler morning. I love it.
First day of vacation so I have time for a longer ride and smoothie stop. (Also I ran out of ingredients at home and need to go shopping.)
I went on my normal route then continued west on SR56 to BBD. I went south to Smoothie King. I can never figure out what I want. Too many choices. I opted for a Vanilla Gladiator with Blueberries and Mangoes. It was OK but I make mine with tart cherry juice which gives it that added sweetness.
Windy on the way home.
17.38 miles
11.4 mph


75° humidity 80% wind 5-9 E
Sunny and windy. Little traffic.
15.02 miles
11.5 mph

This week 92.5 miles
This year 2645 miles

20171116 coffeeneuring #7

looking west along cross creek

looking west along cross creek

I was going to go to Mobil but I didn’t want to have to ride on BBD where there is construction. I decided to try to shop/gas station on Cross Creek. 

shell at cross creek and kinnan

shell at cross creek and kinnan

I have been avoiding going on Kinnan because there is too much debris and broken glass. Since the gate was broken, people dump furniture and drive down the road and drink. It is a mess. 

narrowed bike lane because the grass grows over the pavement

narrowed bike lane because the grass grows over the pavement

My legs must have been tired because even when the wind wasn’t slowing me down, I could get any speed. Any thoughts of riding through Flatwoods were nixed. I went east on Cross Creek to Morris Bridge and turned back. The bike lane going west is not ideal. It was not paved well so it is bumpy. It has not been maintained and the grass has been allowed to grow over the pavement reducing it by half in some places. There is also debris including broken glass and palm fronds. When there was no traffic, I chose to ride in the car lane. 

i locked my bike up to the metal table and bench

i locked my bike up to the metal table and bench

Shell. There is no bike rack but a leaning picnic table. I locked my bike to the metal table. Inside is dingy. They have Domino’s pizza No brewed ice tea. Freshly made deli and hot foods. 
Contactless. $1.81. 

this is one of two coffee stations at shell

this is one of two coffee stations at shell

no brewed tea but the gold peak was acceptable

no brewed tea but the gold peak was acceptable

I sat for a few minutes then decided to just go home. 
I rode back up Kinnan to Live Oak. I took the long way just to avoid all the broken glass. There was some broken glass along CLR but it was minor. 

20171116 bike.PNG

15.34 miles
11.70 mph

20171112 coffeeneuring #6

wet, gloomy ride

wet, gloomy ride

70° humidity 80% wind 9 ENE


The roads were wet and the sky was grey but bright. The wind was annoying. I went out towards Union Park. It started sprinkling and I had to take off my glasses. By the time I got to SR56. I was completely wet. 

no place to lock my bike. i was hoping that it was early enough and wet enough that no one was willing to ride it away but me.

no place to lock my bike. i was hoping that it was early enough and wet enough that no one was willing to ride it away but me.

I rode with the wind to BBD. I cut through the parking lot to Shell. 
Even though Shell is close, I rarely go there because the gas is expensive. 
There is no bike rack, no tables nor places to sit. This is a get it and get out kind of place. 

having "big gulp" pasted to the tea urn makes it seem a little less desirable

having "big gulp" pasted to the tea urn makes it seem a little less desirable

I went in and was chilled by the AC. They have fountain drinks and coffee and iced tea. I went to grab a cup and was surprised to see it was branded 7 Eleven. I got some unsweetened tea and stood in line. But I left empty handed because their system was down and would only accept cash. I don’t carry cash. I rarely even carry my debit card. Oh well I was cold and wet and just wanted to be home. 

20171112 bike.PNG

15.67 miles
12.35 mph

20171110 coffeeneuring #5

looking east along sr54

looking east along sr54

66° humidity 78% wind 7 NE

I went my usual route until I got to SR56 and continued north on MPB. I turned east on Chancey to Fox Ridge. 

waiting for the light to change to cross sr54 to speedway

waiting for the light to change to cross sr54 to speedway

I went north to SR54 and went west. SR54 is busy and the shoulder is full of debris. It isn’t bike friendly. 

it is all about the coffee

it is all about the coffee

I crossed over at BBD then had to double back a bit to ride into Speedway. There are no bike racks, no places to sit. This is a busy location (I usually get my gas here but rarely go inside). The mart is small with the usual snacks and cold drinks. They also have coffee, tea, fountain drinks, slushees, donuts, prepackaged hot foots and the ubiquitous roller bar. 
No contactless pay. Large iced tea was 83¢.


Riding back was better because the wind was helping most of the time. 

20171110 bike.PNG

19.19 miles
12.31 mph

20171107 coffeeneuring #4

I locked my bike up to a sign pole

I locked my bike up to a sign pole

Good weather to ride; 68° humidity 92% wind 1 NE

chances at bruce b downs looking towards mystic oak

chances at bruce b downs looking towards mystic oak

I took the long way to Marathon/Dunkin Donuts. There is no bike rack, no places to sit inside. I walked into the convenience store first. They have soft drinks and frozen drinks but not much else. The DD is attached and I went into there for an iced tea. There are a few tables to sit at inside. The color scheme makes even a new store look worn. The tea was fine. They accept contactless pay. $1.09

they really need to update their look

they really need to update their look

The wind was strong so I went east on SR56 to BBD. (Though I did lose some speed when I had to slow down for a traffic light.)

waiting for the light to change

waiting for the light to change

18.17 miles
12.61 mph

20171107 bike.PNG

20171105 cycling

20171104 bike summary.PNG

64° humidity 32% wind 2 NE
It was too cold to ride before work. I got out early and rode after I got home. Sun was low and I wore my sunglasses. I didn’t bring my regular ones and I could have used them half way through the ride. Lots of traffic with people going home from work. 
I had a good pace despite my ankle hurting so I didn’t want to stop. 
9.13 miles
13.43 mph

46° humidity 89% wind 0 NE
Cold and sunny. I wore my heavy gloves which keep my hands warm but I cannot use my phone nor my Apple Watch with them on. 
Rode without a stop. 
9.10 miles
13.25 mph
This month 603 km (374.69 miles)


58° humidity 90% wind 2 NE
coffeeneuring #3
Sunny but cool in the shade. 
Rode to MPB to SR56 to WRB. I heard some cows as I was going around the first roundabout and circled back. They were 3 small calves in the pen. Were they being weened? I got off my bike and walked to the fence and took some photos. They seemed curious and took a few steps towards me but didn’t come up to the fence. 
I continued onto Chancey over to Seven Oaks. I rode south to SR56 and turned east. 
Gate on SR56 I rode around the building looking for a bike rack. There was none. I locked my bike to one of the round metal tables.  
Gate is not as big as RaceTrac and Wawa, They did have coffee, cocoa (out of order), shakes and smoothies, only sweet and unsweetened tea, sodas. They had some pre-made hot sandwiches a roller bar and frozen yogurt. I know some prefer the insulated foam cups. They do have contactless payment in case you forget your wallet. $1.06
I sat outside in the shade, out of the wind. The tea was OK. 
I rode back on SR56 to Northwood Palms and rode through to CLR the east towards home. It was windy on the way home and I didn’t feel like fighting it. 
17.84 miles
13.04 mph


58° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Chilly but not too cold. Steamy ponds, foggy fields. 
Felt good. 
Sun came up about half way into the ride. 
9.65 miles
13.65 mph

60° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Dark. Some steam from the ponds. Fog in the fields. Area of warm air after I passed a field and it felt good. 
The light was with me at SR56 and Mansfield so I went through and never stopped. 
9.04 miles
13.48 mph


62° humidity 95% wind 1 NNE
Very sunny. Going east on Oldwoods, keeping my head down because the sun was in my eyes, I didn’t see the hauler with a load of sod sitting on the road. I nearly rode into it but veered just in time
Oldwoods extension has the first layer of pavement. There were no road blocks and no construction crews so I took it to Tonka and turned into Union Park. 
14.07 miles
13.46 mph


64° humidity 90% wind 2 NNE
I rode as far as I could on Oldwoods. They are still working on it and have only gotten to first boundary of Union Park.  
My legs didn’t feel so strong. Probably because I worked late last night. 
13.92 miles
13.10 miles
This week 82.7
This year 2958