We went to the Zoo. It's wasn't a good time.

First off, I got to the school on time but couldn't find a parking spot. Wasted 5 minutes. Next, Ryan didn't like the group we were assigned. He wanted his friends. So we sort of a combined group but that didn't make him very happy. We had to rush through our lunch when we got to the zoo at 11 am. Then we could go through the zoo but we had to be back for the buses at 12:20. WTF? Even before the exapnsion, that would have been cutting it close. And of course Ryan had to be difficult at every turn. He wanted to follow the map and hit every spot. He didn't want to linger and see the animals. Seeing the signs which corresponded to spots on the map were enough. But with 5 extra boys and 2 moms, we had to keep calling him back.When we had about 35 minutes left, I suggested the Woolshed which is actually a play area. The boys were happy but they tired quickly in the heat. We got water and started to make our way back to the front and the gift shop.At this point Ryan got very upset. He still had places he wanted to go. But there just wasn't enough time. He didn't want to go to the Gift Shop but I didn't think it was fair to left the other mom taken 5 boys by herself. Good thing we went, the Gift Shop was a zoo in itself. It was packed and there was already a long line. Ryan and I waited outside. It was warm but there was a breeze. They didn't get done until 12:30. They said the cashiers were REALLY SLOW. Just what you need with a dozen school field trips on the same day. And you should have seen what kids came out of there with! I don't ever remember getting stuff like on school field trips.At least Andy was VERY HAPPY to see us when we went to pick him up early.