20190526 cycling


An OK week. I just didn’t have the energy to ride longer. Is it the heat or the wind?


84° humidity 62% wind 1-4 SE
Warm and sunny and I didn't feel like riding until I had 5 miles in then I kicked it up some. Not a fast ride. I saw a 6' alligator swimming in the pond along Beardsley and a wild turkey walking along SR56.
16.93 miles
11.4 mph


82° humidity 68% wind 5-6S
Too warm. I didn't see the alligator in the pond but I did see one in the gully along SR56. He was in the same position the second time I went around.
16.98 miles
11.4 mph


77° humidity 80% wind 3-4 SE
Short ride. I saw no alligators today. School traffic. One loop.
11.28 miles
11.6 mph


81° humidity 61% wind 8-9 E
Windy. I tried but I couldn't fight it.
I only saw two wild turkeys today.
17.07 miles
10.8 mph


91° humidity 40% wind 7-14 E
Hot and windy. Late ride due to Andy's award breakfast at school.
I really wish cars would look before the turn right on red.
11.26 miles
11.0 mph


80% humidity 67% wind 4-10 NE
I saw the alligator in the pond on Beardsley. I saw a turtle on MUP along SR56. I think I saw another alligator in Pond 38 along SR56. But that pond is fenced and has been almost dry. Could an alligator get under a chain link fence?
16.47 miles
10.8 mph


I rode to a friend’s house for swimming.
90° humidity 49% wind 5-8 E
Tailwind there so I made good time.
6.55 miles
12.9 mph
93° humidity 43% wind 2-5 NE
Either wind was stronger or I was tired from swimming. Headwind the whole way home.
6.58 miles
11.1 mph

This week 103.1 miles
This year 2461 miles