mixed signals

Minimalism and simplify  are all over the interwebs these days. Then someone posts how to make proper coffee or proper cup of tea.

John Gruber made the case (tongue in cheek) for how to be successful in blogging. You need a clicky keyboard, fizzy water and fussy coffee. 

Why can't we be satisfied with the keyboard that came with our computer, tap water and bagged tea? 

At the same time Patrick Rhone is talking about enough, he also talks about the great bag he has.

So while I make endless trips to Goodwill to donate the items I didn't need and don't use, I purchase different loose teas to try. I add teaware to my amazon wish list.

All this can probably be blamed on me having too much free time. I listen to many podcasts and read even more blogs. Thanks to Dan Moren's article, My Cup of Tea, I am back trying and drinking loose tea. The Pen Addict has renewed my interest in pens and paper. I am opening myself to new things which is good. But most of these things come with a price of new things and gadgets to acquire which is not.

This is where Pinterest helps. I pin things that I like or would to have or want to remember. When I do this, I feel like a part of that "thing" is mine to look at whenever I choose. I get to share my discovery with others. Most of the time this is enough and I don't feel the need to purchase anything. Most of the time.