back to work



I really didn’t want to go back to work. I didn’t feel up to it. But I needed to go back or go on medical leave. If I went on medical leave, I would get no paycheck and possibly forfeit a bonus check. When I was home business manager, I earned 3% bonus on everything I sold. I also earned $100 or $300 bonus if our department made the month. I asked Tracy how home did in July. She told me we were 28% up! This meant I would earn the $300 bonus. My sales were up so I guessed that I might have another $300 in sales bonus. I didn’t want to give up an $600 by missing work. So I went in today. I should have stayed home.

I am finally feeling almost OK standing and walking for short periods. There is pain in my back but it is manageable. Walking and bending all day work was awful. I thought it would be a slow day but we had over 1000 markdowns in the area in men’s where I have been assigned. Markdowns in men’s is way easier than home but it was still more movement than I was ready for. Our intern, M, was helping from 12:00. I let him scan and I put on the tickets because I was much slower. I had to keep stopping and just breathe through the pain. I couldn’t wait for 1:00 when I could go to lunch. I was hoping that sitting would help but the pain, but it was too bad at that point. When I went back to work, I sat in a chair and put on tickets whenever I could.

I was only scheduled until 5:00. I was ready to leave at 4:30. I talked to J and asked if I could work a shorter shift on Wednesday.


I worked 2-9 on Wednesday. It was much like Tuesday but without the markdowns. My back hurt so much. I started to clean up the denim and sat in a chair while doing it.  I mostly sat the final hour before the store closed. I had to ice my back for about an hour for the pain to subside once I got home. 

Thursday was just as painful and I was glad to leave at 5.


I was feeling better on Friday. I had a job interview in the morning that was probably a waste of time.  But every interview gives me more experience and confidence, right? I also went to the chiropractor for another adjustment.

I worked 2-9 but started feeling pain right away. I wasn’t sure if I would last until 9. Thankfully, the pain didn’t get worse and even felt better at times. It was a slow day filled with tasking. At home, it took several ice packs to calm the pain so I could sleep.


I finally felt some improvement on Saturday. I didn’t need to sit so often and even worked an hour longer than previous days. Good sales also helped my mood.


I was so glad to have today off. Working five days in a row after having almost two weeks off was just too much. I also found out that I could have taken more days off. I should have called HR but believed K when she told me that I could only take one week off. Another associate was told that she only had 4 days of sick time but called HR and found out she had 80 hours. Why does K feel the need to lie?

I napped quite a bit today. And my back hurt less. I only took one naproxen at 6:00 am and at 3:00 pm. The pain is manageable. I hope the improvement continues as I have to work 8 hours tomorrow.


From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Convex curve given to a column, spire, or similar upright member to avoid the optical illusion of hollowness or weakness that would arise from normal tapering. Exaggerated in Greek work of the Doric order, it grew more and more subtle in the 5th–4th century BC. Entasis is also occasionally found in Gothic spires and in smaller Romanesque columns.

Without adding the extra width to a column, they may appear skinny in the center. This happens more with taller columns. Thin columns do not look sturdy and able to hold up the weight above.