20190421 cycling

 special olympics summer games

It was a pretty good week for riding. I was busy doing rides for errandonnee and racked up the miles.


65° humidity 77% wind 6-13NW
First I forgot my helmet, then I forgot my glasses. Sigh.
Rode against the wind to Lori's. I brought her cookies. (You carried what?) continued against the wind and up and down arrow sidewalks to the library. I needed a new card. (Personal business or wildcard). Finally with the wind to the bank. The walk up ATM was out of order so I went to the drive-thru ATM. (Personal business)
Rode to Panera and met Lori for lunch. (Social call) Rode back towards home but stopped at Target to get milk for Ryan. (Store)
20.37 miles
11.4 mph


79° humidity 37% wind 4-5 E
Wind was stronger and in different directions. Bus Z528 stopped in the crosswalk at Hueland Pond and I had to swerve around it. Ass.
16.77 miles
11.5 mph


66° humidity 77% wind 2-4SE
Rode south on BBD. At Amberly, I got out of the rode and onto the MUP. It got crowded and a bit crazy once I got to USF. Lots of t affix and pedestrians. I parked my bike and walked to the museum. It was different. I walked over to the gallery but it was closed. (Arts and Entertainment)
76° humidity 56% wind 6SE
I rode my bike through USF and was happy to get out of there and ride on busy Fowler Ave to Fuzzy’s Tacos. (Social call)
No bike rack but so found a sign to lock my bike to. I got the shrimp fajita plate. I am not a big fan of peppers but I like the rest of it.
79° humidity 51% wind 6-11 SE
Google maps said the best way home was through USF. No thanks. I went around and made it just fine. But the tailwind was a headwind until I got to Cross Creek. Then it came back along CLR. Oh well, the lunch break was what I needed to not feel tired.
27.06 miles I stopped at CVS for sunscreen but they didn't have Blue Lizard though their app said they did. (Personal care)
27.06 miles
11.7 mph


70° humidity 71% wind 7-10 SE
Sunny and windy. More broken glass on Beardsley this time east of Braughton Place. Crowd fighting over a dead squirrel. Rode two loops. Truck didn't stop coming out of The Ridge. I expect the worse from drivers and prepared to stop.
Stop at the school to see if they take used batteries for fundraising. They do and I will go back later.
17.60 miles
11.1 mph


I took 20 pounds of used batteries up to the elementary school for fundraising. (Non-store errand) then I rode to the out community fitness center. (Personal care)
3.17 miles


80° humidity 74% wind 17-27 S
Windy as heck! I tried a new route just up and down CLR. CLR runs and east and west thought it does curve. I only had to deal with string headwinds at certain parts for a short distance. It is almost 5 miles and I did it three times.
14.75 miles
11.4 mph


67° humidity 64% wind 7-18 SW
21-24 NW 20-27 W
Windy as heck! A bit cool, too
It was a slog on most of the roads. I would have stopped at one loop but I needed the extra calories burned off so I can eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
16.75 miles
11.0 mph


76° humidity 33% wind 8-10 NW
Want d a longer ride and to take advantage of the wind direction, I rode the long way to Lori's & Bob's. (Social call)
21.31 miles
11.6 mph

This week 137.8 miles
This year 1845 miles

20190414 cycling


This was my best week for miles. Errandonnee started on Friday and I did two extra rides for it.

74° humidity 89% wind 7-10 SE
Cloudy and humid and windy.
I tried to stop too quickly after a sharp turn and almost flipped over. I caught myself but caught my calf on my gears and cut my leg. I thought it was it was just a scratch until I looked later and saw blood. (Since I stopped working, I no longer have to take naproxen everyday and my blood is no longer thin.) It mostly just stung from the sweat.
Two loops.
17.08 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 95% wind 9-14 S
Still a few sprinkles but not a problem. Wind was more of a problem but I didn't mind and didn't push it.
On my second stop, I saw the wind changed direction so I did, too. 11-18 SW
20.17 miles
11.5 mph


68° humidity 87% wind 2-3SW 3-5W 4NW
I went out to BBD. I hadn't planned on doing over 20 miles so I did one large loop and one small loop. I missed the school traffic but got stuck behind a family of sand hill cranes crossing the road.
18.58 miles
11.8 mph


70° humidity 81% wind 5-6 E
Went two large loops then 3 smaller ones until I felt fatigued.
23.44 miles
11.5 mph


79° humidity 66% wind 8S
The wind got stronger after I started. I decided to flip the route and go the other way.
15.14 miles
12.0 mph

Rode up to Bank of America and deposited check. Rode to Burger Monger. I skipped the fries! (Mostly because the fish was so expensive!) $15 Rode to Publix for groceries. I only got what would fit in my little bag. Rode home the long way so I would have to cross BBD twice. 7.48 miles


75° humidity 82% wind 7-9 SE
Warm and windy.
Accident on CLR. They were clearing it when I went out and just leaving on my way back. A car hit a light pole and you could see where the light pole crashed on the roof of the car.
Saw three animals dead in the road. The vultures were trying to clean up the beaver before they got to the possums.
19.22 miles
11.7 mph


Rode out to BBD. I saw the Car Show was going on so I stopped knowing it would count for Entertainment.
I rode to Batteries and Bulbs to recycle the CFL bulbs. (You carried what?)
Rode to Oliver's and got a new helmet. Not much selection unless I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars. I ended up with a black one. I got some gloves too. $68. (Personal Care.)
I walked over to Panera and had lunch. (Social Call.) Panera was slow.
The ride back was nice with the tailwinds. I saw another cyclist that should NOT have taken off his shirt. 11.12 miles


86° humidity 62% wind 14-23 S=
Windy! I got a half block before so remembered my helmet. I have gone too long without one. I went back and got it and was glad to keep the sun out of my eyes. I don't care that it is supposed to be a MTB helmet, I like the visor.
I struggled south to Brookton to Cross Creek. The wind was behind me as I went east to Morris Bridge. I was concerned that it would be against me as I went through Flatwoods. It was. =
I ate my RXBar before I left Flatwoods. I think it helped because I wasn't tired at when I finished. Though the tailwinds on the way home might have helped.
20.45 miles
11.4 mph

This week 152.7 miles
This year 1708 miles

errandonee #8-12

I was going to call it quits for the Errandonnee challenge. I didn't think I would be able to get it done. Also, there didn't seem to be much to be gained if I did finish. Then the organizer posted the patch that those who complete the challenge can purchased. I want the patch. I also got an email the other day that my library card was expiring. I don't use it often but it is nice to have. I am now t scheduled to work Sunday and Monday but the library is closed on Sunday's and Monday's. I have to work today but not until 4 pm. Today would be the day to get the last 5 errands completed. The library opens at 11 so I waited until 9:30 to go since Google maps said it would take an hour to ride to the library. It was warm and windy. 

Half of the CFLs I need to recycle.

Half of the CFLs I need to recycle.

I took my Crumpler backpack. It is more padded and has some channels to allow airflow against my back. However, it is heavy.

I took my Crumpler backpack. It is more padded and has some channels to allow airflow against my back. However, it is heavy.

#8 I went to the bank to deposit a $100 bill my dad gave me. There is no bike rack but I didn't need one. I used the walk up ATM. Category: personal business

It looked like rain but it stayed away.

It looked like rain but it stayed away.

I rode up BBD. I saw some wild turkeys along the side of the road. Turning east on SR54, I got hit with the wind. It was worse along the open fields. I went past the library as it wasn't quite 10:00. 

Saddlebrook Golf & Tennis resort

Saddlebrook Golf & Tennis resort

#9 I went to Home Depot. No bike rack. I locked my bike to a pole and walked inside. I carried  two bags of CFL bulbs to be recycled. The bulbs were not broken during the ride. Category: You carried what?

#10 I rode over to Publix. The bike rack is small and out of the way. I would have missed it but saw another bike over the hedge. I got some juice/smoothie. I tried some smoke sausage samples. I got some eggs. I usually eschew plastic bags but got one just in case there was breakage and oozing eggs. Category: You carried what?

This stuff was thicker than juice but thinner than a smoothie. It was odd.

This stuff was thicker than juice but thinner than a smoothie. It was odd.

I imagine trying to use a u-lock with these racks would not be easy.

I imagine trying to use a u-lock with these racks would not be easy.

#11 I rode back to the library. It was busy because they are having early voting for the primary. Florida has closed primaries and I am registered as an independent so I am not allowed to vote. I rode around looking for a bike rack. I missed it the first time because it is the low concrete type with just eye screws set into the concrete. I got my library card renewed. Category: personal business or arts and entertainment 

I haven't used it in years but it is nice to have.

I haven't used it in years but it is nice to have.

The ride back SR54 was OK. I was getting a little tired. I haven't ridden this long in months. The wind grew strong again as I turned south on MPB. I rode in the street until I could easily go to the path. There is no bike lane so the path is safer but bumpier and busier. Though today I mostly just saw adolescent lizards darting across the 10' path just before I got there. 

I turned west on SR56 and rode to Panera. I was tired. 

The only time I sit at the patio is when I rode my bike. It is windy.

The only time I sit at the patio is when I rode my bike. It is windy.

#12 Panera for lunch
There is a small bike rack. I put my bag and helmet at a table at the patio and went inside to order. I got smoked ham & Swiss cheese sandwich. It is my go-to when I have extra calories. I got kettle chips, iced tea and a scone. I saved the scone for later. Category: Wild card

The eggs made it home intact.

The eggs made it home intact.

After I was done eating, I rode home in the wind.
27 miles 12 mph

Total errand :12
Total miles : 60.96

20160308 errandonee #7

Errandonnee #7

I rode my bike to work and back.
68° wind 6 ESE
Rode up to Mansfield. Dusty from construction. Wind was with me. I got a little sweaty though I didn't really ride hard. My backpack does not channel air. 
4 miles. 11.74mph

81° wind 9 ESE
It was tough going home. It was too warm and too windy. The wind was against me most of the ride. My clothes felt too tight. My pedals gripped my loafers well enough,but my feet slipped inside my shoes and jammed my toes.
I had to take a shower when I got home. 
4 miles 10.3 mph

I have worked at my present job for just over a year. I had looked for a place close to home so I could ride to work. I have had too many excuses not to ride before. Now I know it is because I just don't like it. I would rather wear a skirt to work and do not have a step through bike to ride. I do not have the facilities at work to shower or change. Florida is just too warm to ride without sweating most of the year. I will try to ride more next winter.

20160307 errandonne #5 #6

The timing was right and I made the turn along with the cars.

The timing was right and I made the turn along with the cars.

#5 Ride to Home Depot to get LED flood lamp

Took the Trek 820. Beautiful and breezy. The breeze turned to wind on BBD. 
I rode in street until Pebble Creek then moved over to path. One car nearly hit me. He was turning left on BBD and wasn't looking right. I saw a sprocket (the collective term may be peloton but that is when they are moving) of cyclists waiting for the light at Flatwoods. 
The sidewalk stops abruptly at the entrance to the shopping area. I wasn't prepared and had to ride against the traffic to get to the proper side of the street. I was surprised to see a bike rack at HD.

Too many choices. I opted for daylight.

Too many choices. I opted for daylight.

I got my lightbulb easily and checked out. I had my blue backpack and put the bulb inside.

I waited at the crosswalk for the light to change.

I waited at the crosswalk for the light to change.

#6 Lunch
I rode over to Panera for lunch. 
There is no bike rack so I parked my bike along the patio fence rail.
I got ham & cheese sandwich, kettle chips and iced tea. It was probably more food than necessary but felt I deserved it with all the riding.

I rode home along the west side sidewalk until New Tampa Road. It was narrow and two bikes cannot pass each other. I switched over to the path. My hands and feet were going numb. I wore my regular sneakers and the soles are thin and flexible. The wind was against me along CLR. 

I learned that four miles is my limit for riding in street clothes as my underwear rode up and my feet got numb.
When I got home and went to change the bulb, I found it was cracked. I went back to Home Depot but drove my car since I also needed groceries.

12 miles 11 mph

errandonnee #2-4

Saturday 2016.03.05
Chilly and some wind, about 60º

#2 It was National Cheese Doodle Day so I thought I would celebrate by getting bag of my favorite, Barbaras Cheese Puffs. I rode to Nutrition Smart to get cheese puffs for National Cheese Doodle Day. It is about 2 miles from my home.
There is no bike rack so I locked my bike up to the railing used to corral the shopping carts. 
I forgot gum so my mouth was dry from riding. I got some pomegranate juice that was carbonated and icky. 
I was getting on my bike and lost my balance. I did a slow motion fall. Ugh. Thankfully there were no witnesses. 

#3 I wanted to get some honey to give to someone at work. Local honey has helped me with my seasonal allergies. 
I rode to the Shops of Wiregrass for Fresh Market. Fresh Market is a local farmers' market and craft show held twice a month. The market starts at 10 but they are open for business as they set up their booths. There were few people walking around at 9:30 so I rode right up the booth, got my honey and left. I didn't even have to get off my bike.

#4 I rode to work. Maybe this is a cheat but I work at The Shops of Wiregrass. Even though I live only a few miles from home, I have never ridden my bike to work. Some of my excuses include: varying schedule which includes nights; single parent with disabled kids; having an elderly parent living with us; living in Florida which high humidity which make riding in summer very sweaty; wearing skirts and having no step through bike.
Today, I threw all those excuses out, put on some dress pants (rolled up the right pant leg) and rode to work.
The cool weather helped me from getting sweaty as well as the casual pace.
There are bike racks through the mall but none near our employee entrance. I locked my bike to the railing for the stairs. It was first time using this particular u-lock so it took a bit to get it positioned correctly. (My first u-locks were purchased in the early 1990s and had the vulnerable lock mechanism so they were thrown out.) I was a little concerned about my bike still being there when I got out but it was in a spot that is frequented by employees on their smoking breaks.
3.75 miles 8.62 mph
I am a salesperson and am on my feet all day. After 5 hours, I really didn't want to have to ride home but there was nothing to be done. My bike was there and I unlocked it. I rolled my pant legs up because it was warm. I rode home.
The MUP home is blocked by construction so I rode in the street, in the bike lane. I didn't wear a helmet and was a little concerned being on a fast highway. I put my faith in the drivers.
I did get hot and sweaty on my way home. It was nearly 80º. It took me less than 20 minutes to ride the 4 miles home.
I will ride again next week as part of the Errandonnee challenge and may do afterwards. On my wish list is a step through bike so I ride in a skirt.
4.09 miles 12.45mph
Total mileage for all three errands, 7.89 miles
Total mileage of challenge 13.81 miles

errandonne #1

errandonnee 2016

Errandonee #1 20160304 Target for prescriptions
67° wind 3 W
What a beautiful day to ride. Sunny and cool with a light wind. The wind made me not realize I was working up a sweat even though I wasn't riding fast. It makes me want to ride to work tomorrow.
5.92 miles 11.9 mph. It was probably over 12mph but I didn't pause the app when I was stopped by the lights.

It was a beautiful day to ride. It was 67º when I left for Target. I rode my Trek 820 (my hardworking hybrid from 1990) and without a helmet. I knew I wouldn't be riding fast and only crossing one busy road at the light.

I don't ride enough just for pleasure nor transportation enough. I find it hard to keep the pace easy and not get into a pace where my heart rate is in zone 1.

I had to add a lock to my bike. I thought about my new u-lock but didn't think the short trip warranted it. I got a cable lock instead.

I used my Wahoo app to record my ride though I put my iPhone in my bag so I didn't look at it while I was riding.

I knew Target had bike racks near the entry doors. The one I picked is also near the bench where employees sit and smoke. Yuck. Happily, the wind was blowing the right way to keep the smoke away.

I wasn't in Target very long. I also grabbed a couple of bags of candy for a friend who just had to put her 14 year lab down.

I didn't think ahead about the bag. I knew I could put my prescription bottles in my handlebar bag but the candy was too much. I have a rear rack but didn't bring the net. I had to hang the bag on the handlebar. This reminded me of when I lived in Hawaii for a summer and would carry my grocery bags on my handlebars of my beach cruiser. Those bags were heavy and affected my steering.)

The ride back was nice as well. I didn't stop my Wahoo app when I got stopped at the lights. I knew it was affect my average speed but this ride was for transport and speed is not part of the equation. I added a neighborhood loop to make sure my ride was 30 minutes long so FitBit would consider it exercise.

I really enjoyed the ride. I am trying to think of other reasons and places I can go on my bike.

I added a neighborhood loop to make sure my ride was 30 minutes long so FitBit would consider it exercise.

I added a neighborhood loop to make sure my ride was 30 minutes long so FitBit would consider it exercise.