20190707 cycling

bike lane

A fairly good week for riding. I think the heat is really affecting me and I have to replace electrolytes. I had to go to a number of shops before I could find Skratch Labs mix which I prefer.


78° humidity 87% wind 2-4 N 3-4 NW
Felt good until mile 5. Not sure if it was my pushing or the jerk (driver) stopped in the crosswalk that started the flutter. Tachycardia through the rest of the ride. I rode directly home instead of riding for an hour like I planned.
9.09 miles
12.0 mph


80° humidity 86% wind 7 NW
Feels like 101°
Some clouds and some wind. I was doing well until mile 15. I stopped for a break and couldn't get myself to move any faster.
I stopped at MPIII. I was too early for tennis. I went to leave and got my chain stuck. I tried using a tire lever and broke the lever. (Better than breaking the chain.) I turned the bike over and slowly worked the chain loose. Lifting that heavy bike wiped me out and I crawled home. A few raindrops in the last mile but not enough to cool me down.
22.81 miles
11.5 mph


87° humidity 74% = 100°
Wind 2 NW 5 NE 6 N 6 NW
I went out to BBD based on the first wind reading. By the time I had got to SR56, it had changed direction. Not doing well. Is it the heat? Too much riding yesterday? Struggling through.
As I had 2 miles to go, I realized I should have had a shorter ride because tomorrow is July 4 and Andy doesn't like to go swimming on the holiday. I should have planned it better. Oh well.
22.05 miles


79° humidity 86% wind 0W 2NE 3E 2NE
Heat index 94°
Wind kept changing direction but since it was so slight, it wasn't an issue.
Decided to go easy today and not as far.
I saw an alligator enjoying the sun and heat.
16.84 miles


77° humidity 92% wind 3-4E
Legs weren't having it today. Too much sitting yesterday I guess. The alligator changed his position.
11.18 miles


76° humidity 91% wind 4-6 SE
My plan was to ride to Zephyrhills to indulge in a donut.
Hole in One Donuts is closed! Ugh. I did bring an RXBAR just in case but I really wanted a donut. Google Maps suggested Speedway, Wawa and Dunkin. I started to ride to Wawa then decided to go to Starbucks then decided on Panera. That little hill just about did me in. I looked at Bear Claw and Almond Croissant and decided on a bagel and cream cheese. I don't even use half the tub. I filled my empty water bottle with ice and water.
Should I save 2 miles by going the route that is torn up with construction.?
88° humidity 66% wind 8S
Heat Index 98°
The heat and headwind zapped any energy I might have had left. I drank all my water with a few miles to go and started sucking on the ice.
31.35 miles

74° humidity 97%
Slow recovery ride before the sun came up.
9.07 miles

This week 112.4
This year 3115