20190721 cycling


I feel pretty about my riding this week. I had to two but rides of 30 miles each. They aren’t difficult but uncomfortable at times. I think I have figured out the fueling I need for the rides. I hope to increase my mileage to get up to 40 or 50 miles in a single day.


80° humidity 82% = 85° wind 2 S
Short and quick. Hot and humid.
9.07 miles
12.4 mph


79°-87° humidity 87%-69% feels like 99°
Light SE wind
I tried the Honey Stinger Cherry Cola Energy Gels. They have the best taste. They are small like the Skratch gels so I ate one every 3 miles.
Three loops around MP. Very few clouds meant it was very hot.
Started getting hungry around mile 20. I stopped eating the Honey Stinger and thought about eating the Untapped Waffle but it is mostly carbs. I ate a nut Butter filled ClifBar when I got home. (I prefer the regular ClifBars.
24.55 miles
11.8 mph


76° humidity 91% wind 2 sw
Heat index when I finished 99°
Four loops. I pushed to hard on the first two. Slower on the third. Crawled on the fourth. I do not like the Clif Bloks Margarita. More salty than sour. Ankle started hurting about mile 20.
30.02 miles
11.8 mph

72° humidity 100% wind 2 NE
Fog and steamy ponds. Short recovery ride. Early because I have an interview this morning.
9.07 miles


75°-78° feels like 80° wind 1SW
One big loop and two minis and good speed today, too.
13.35 miles
12.7 mph


75°-87° feels like 99°
Wind 2E 5SE
Four loops. I held myself back and had more energy for the last loop. Bike shorts are too big and pad kept bunching up and ouch! I need to get fast with 30 miles before I can try 40 miles.
30.05 miles


75° humidity 95% wind 3 E/N
One recovery loop.
Sun was rising.
9.06 miles
11.8 mph

This week 125.1
This year 3356 miles