20190714 cycling

 special olympics summer games

I am feeling much better about cycling these days. I have figured out the fueling which makes me want to ride longer and stronger.


77° humidity 93% wind 5 SW
Delayed because my son was wearing my shoes on his own ride.
Wet. Light rain. At least it kept the heat down. Quick ride, just one loop.
9.07 miles


79° humidity 88% wind 5-9S
Heat index 92°
Two big loops. Wind from the south felt good except when I had to battle it on MPB.
I stopped at mile 5, I thought I had hit Resume but the screen was dim to save battery. I didn't realize until I stopped at mile 11. I lost 6 miles. Bother.
I put Skratch orange in my first bottle. I also took Skratch chews. On odd miles, I ate a chew. On even miles, I sipped some water. I still did my stops but they were shorter since I didn't need to chew a whole protein bar. The Skratch Labs Orange Energy Chews are good. I don't know if it was this new fuel method, or the clouds, but I did not feel exhausted at mile 20. I finished strong.
22.82 miles


77° humidity 91% wind 6-8 S
I was told that SR56 was going to open today so I went out that way. I brought 3 bottles, 2 with Skratch drink mix. I also started eating Skratch chews right away.
83° humidity 75% feels like 91°
I stopped at Hole in One and got an Apple Fritter. It was good, not great.
I also stopped at Living Food Bakery to check it out. More health foods and tea. I got some cookies to take home.
I rode back against the wind. It wasn't fun. At least I was more prepared than last week and had enough water and energy to get me home. At 11:30, they opened SR56 and traffic started to fill the new lanes.
29.29 miles


77° humidity 88% wind 6-8 SE
I planned on a recovery ride but my legs wanted to go. I watched my heart rate but it stayed low so I kept pedaling. Headwind along Mansfield cost me some speed.
9.06 miles
12 mph


77° humidity 93% wind 4-7 SE
Three loops today. Fueled with Skratch Labs Energy Chews and drink mix. Rode well the entire time with only stops at the light at Mansfield.
24.59 miles
11.8 mph


74° humidity 93% wind 4-5 E
Rode up to SR56 to Morris Bridge. There is no bike lane nor shoulder for about 3 miles. Drivers were polite and did not pass me too close. No one honked. When I did get a bike lane, it wasn't great. It was bumpy and at times covered by overgrown weeds.
I rode through Flatwoods. Clay Gully was over the trail. I rode through and got wet up the back. The water was colder than I expected. Only one cyclist announced himself. He was shirtless and was wearing white mesh liners that I could see through. No shorts. Barf. He was not thin.
The trail was also under at Trout Creek. I walked on he pedestrian bridge. When did they rebuild it in metal? The last time I walked it, it was wood. One cyclist riding the aero bars gave me finger guns. Hmm.
I had Skratch Matcha Green Tea and Lemons. It was fine. I also tried the Clif Bloks in Orange. They are OK. They are bigger than the Skratch Chews so I spaced them out every five miles.

82° humidity 80% = 88° wind 6 SE
I rode to Starbucks and got some iced tea and ate half of my Clif Bar.
The clouds are keeping the heat down and I have only gone through one bottle in 1:45. I have been drinking every three miles.
26.93 miles
12.0 mph

76° humidity 93% wind 2E
Short and slow recovery ride.
9.06 miles

This week 124.8 miles
This year 3231 miles