20190623 cycling


I discovered that my lack of energy had to do with my dinners the night before. Since Andy got out of school, I have been eating only rice/quinoa and vegetables for dinner. When I add more protein, I have more energy the following day.


73° humidity 94% wind 5 NE
Sun was up and more traffic. It wasn't too hot yet. One loop and a bit. I felt better.
12.69 miles


75° humidity 93% wind 7-10 S
More wind today. My legs were fine until I had to stop for traffic. Then they didn't want to pedal anymore.
10.99 miles


76° humidity 93% wind 7-11S
Cloudy and windy and wet. The rain stayed away but I was sweating just as much. My legs were strong today! Is it because I had a burger and fries last night for dinner? LoseIt! has me eating too few calories. I had stopped noting my average speed because it had become so slow. I am good with 12.1 on my heavy mountain bike
17.05 miles
12.1 mph


78° humidity 91% wind 5-7 SW
One big loop. A little less energy today but I pushed it. My legs felt a little shaky when I stopped to rest so I ate half of RXBar. That seemed to help. I pushed it going up the little hill on Beardsley and triggered arrhythmia. I could feel it but the HR monitor stayed at 153. Not until I got the n Stetson did it change. I forget that I shouldn't push myself that hard.
11.63 miles
12.1 mph


80° humidity 87% wind 4-6 SW; 4-5 W; 7-8 NW
I had a good salad last night with salmon which I believe is giving me the energy this morning. It was windy but I kept my speed up until mile 20 and then I was just tired. I need to remember a second water bottle. I filled up at MPIII but the water is not cold enough for me. I saw an alligator on n the culvert across from Culver’s.
22.80 miles
11.9 mph


82° humidity 85% wind 3-6 W
Two big loops again today. When I stopped to photograph the alligator, I noticed my legs were already shaky. I ate half my RXBar. My legs were fine the next time I stopped. I brought two water bottles today and I needed them. The heat index was 102° by the time I stopped.
22.83 miles
11.9 mph


74° humidity 95% wind 1N
Short, easy ride.
10.60 miles

This week 108.6 miles
This year 2866 miles