20190616 cycling


I am disappointed in the lack of miles this week. But I have not been feeling great while riding. I don’t know if it is the heat and humidity, my age, or maybe I just need a break. I am determined to ride an hour each day and not worry about my speed.


73° humidity 95% wind 4-7 SW
So many dead frogs. Pasco starts summer school today. The buses are out.
11.25 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 7-9 S
Rain in the area but they said it should be light. I realized the wind had changed and I turned around at SR56. I stopped and said hello to the cows and checked the weather. Heavier rain was coming sooner. Great.
The first bit of rain was light and short. I was about 2 miles from home when the skies opened up. I was soaked within a block. The rain let up as I got near home but I was too wet and could hear thunder.
9.02 miles


79° humidity 87% wind 6-10 S
Sun was back but so was the wind. My plan was to go 25 miles to make up for yesterday but my body said no. I saw an eagle get harassed by a much smaller bird.
17.46 miles


81° humidity 86% wind 6-11 W
I did mini loops until I was getting nauseous. Where has my energy gone? Almost hit by a car coming out of the Looney Bin. I was wiping my face and didn't look.
14.42 miles


71° humidity 100% wind 2-4 S
Trying something different. I rode as soon as I got up. It was dark and quiet except for the gators and wild boars making noise.
I rode mini loops for an hour.
10.65 miles

72° humidity 100% wind 2-3 N
I heard no gators this morning. Mini loops.
12.30 miles


74° humidity 98% wind 2 NIt was getting lighter so I did the regular loop and one mini. Still no energy. At least I got to see the sunrise.
11.19 miles

This week 86.3 miles
This year 2757 miles