20190505 cycling


A good week though I took it a little easy with the mileage. I didn’t want to burn out.


75° humidity 72% wind 5-9 E
Sunny and windy. And my legs weren’t having it. I might have to scale back some this week. Too many love bugs.
19.07 miles
11.1 mph

 law enforcement torch run

91° humidity 40% wind 9-16 E
Hot and windy. It was a late afternoon ride because Andy and I participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics this morning.
Two loops.
16.91 miles
11.1 mph

This month 609 miles


78° humidity 75% wind 6-12 E
Sunny and windy. I really hating pushing against the wind.
Dead hawk in the road.
20.65 miles
11.1 mph


79° humidity 74% wind 7-13 E
The wind just don't quit. Two loops.
17.04 miles
11.2 mph


74° humidity 89% wind 5-9 S
Cloudy and humid but not much wind.
Tachycardia at mile 13 for not apparent reason. I would have finished over 12 mph but for that.
16.26 miles
11.9 mph


88° humidity 61% wind 9-13 SW
Rode one big loop and got rained on for about 2 miles. The rain stopped so I kept going. I rode to Wiregrass Fresh Market to get some honey. Had a salad at Panera.
18.56 miles
11.3 mph


72° humidity 89% wind 9-22 W/SW
Big storm this afternoon so I waited for it to stop. Cooler but muggy. Lots of debris in the road. A fallen tree on Beardsley right next to the one that fell during the last storm. I also noticed some power lines that were leaning along SR56.
One big loop and one small loop.
18.66 miles
12.0 mph

This week 127.1 miles
This year 2134 miles