20190519 cycling

 special olympics summer games

Less miles this week. The weather was fine but we went to Disney for Special Olympics and I didn’t do much over the weekend.


79° humidity 86% wind 9-14 SW
Ride down BBD again but only to Tampa Palms. Construction across from Hunters Green had the bike lane and sidewalk blocked from McDonald's to Hunters Green. Annoying. As I pulled into the garage, I heard thunder. I just missed the rain.
17.16 miles
11.3 mph


78° humidity 81% wind 5-11 W
Bad time to ride on BBD but it didn't stop me. Lots of traffic especially if citing the interstate. Lots of gnats, too. At least the wind wasn't too bad.
18.30 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 80% wind 4-6 NE then E then SE
Decided to do 3 loops. I need to stop thinking I can do it without a decent break. Twenty miles is my max without a get off the bike and sit break. Utility crew was replacing the tilted poles. It was interested to see the process each time I passed. Another crew was cleaning up the debris from the collapsed pre-school.
24.33 miles
11.1 mph


73° humidity 76% wind 7E
My body did not want to fight the wind.
Two slow loops.
17.07 miles
11.0 mph


68° humidity 83% wind 2-4 SE
Short ride so I can get ready for Special Olympics. I tried to push it some.
11.25 miles
11.8 mph


Special Olympics
Indoor Bike at Hilton
60 minutes
14.12 miles

20190519 bike copy.PNG

86° humidity 43% wind 6-7 NW
I put it off as long as possible. I didn't feel like riding. But I also couldn't break my 8 month+ run of riding.
Just a short, casual ride. I didn't even change my clothes.
4.40 miles
10.8 mph

This week 106.6 miles
This year 2358 miles