20190512 cycling

bike lane

Not a great week for cycling. Somedays I struggled to ride. I wasn’t sure if it was just that day or was I over training? I tried to listen to my body.


78° humidity 87% wind 2-7NW
Cloudy and muggy and full of Love Bugs.
Two loops.
16.83 miles
11.6 mph


67° humidity 97% wind 2-3 NE
I rode up to Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with my dad and my sister. I had already eaten so I had a yogurt parfait and Nancy's grits. (She will only eat them with cheese.)
76° humidity 86% wind 4-5 NE
I rode bike he long way home. I stopped when I saw the Wesley Chapel historic marker #alwaysreadtheplacque then rode through Meadow Pointe to home. Beautiful day and very little wind.
18.86 miles
11.6 mph


76° humidity 83% wind 9E
The wind is back, ugh. The love bugs were put in force too. Two loops.
We had a storm roll through on Friday. It caused some utility poles to lean. I hadn't noticed at the time, but it also took out the new pre-school under construction. The walls and roof were up. Today there are only two wall standing.
16.91 miles
10.9 mph


77° humidity 76% wind 10 E
Too windy or I am too tired. I just couldn't seem to go any faster.
Two loops.
16.93 miles
10.6 mph


82° humidity 70% wind 10 SE
I think I have hit burnout. I had no energy today even when the wind was behind me. I haven't missed a day since September 1 and maybe it is time I did. I cut the ride short.
14.99 miles
10.1 mph


89° humidity 54% wind 8-12 SW
Late ride because I went on a photowalk today. Sunny and windy. One big loop.
11.67 miles
11.1 mph


87° humidity 62% wind 11-18 SW
I rode down to BBD to Skipper Ave and back. Getting past I75 is no easy feat.
20.39 miles
11.5 mph

This week 116.6
This year 2231