20190407 cycling

bike lane

This was my best week for miles. I rode twice more than 20 miles. But I may have been overdoing it because I basically bonked on Saturday’s ride.


66° humidity 81% wind 8NE 6-7E
Light rain
The road were wet and it did stop raining. It was never enough to take off my glasses.
16.86 miles
11.7 mph


68° humidity 82% wind 8-11 NW 7-8 N
Cloudy, humid and breezy. The wind was only a problem going N on BBD.
Young driver almost didn't stop on Mansfield as I was crossing with the light.
22.67 miles
11.8 mph


63° humidity 68% wind 9-11 NE
Sunny, cool and windy. Too windy for my legs. They didn't want to go any faster.
16.83 miles
11.3 mph


64° humidity 76% wind 7-11 E
Cool in the beginning but it warmed up quickly or I did fighting the wind. My legs weren't so tired but I didn't want to use them up too quickly.
Three loops!
There were dozens of vultures west of the mental health facility. They must have been waiting for something to die.
24.82 miles
11.4 mph


80° humidity 68% wind 8-11 S
Rain this morning so I rode in the afternoon which means hotter and windier and I can't see the iPhone in the glare.
Rode one big loop and one small loop. The spot where the vultures were yesterday reeks and there was one lone vulture looking towards the area.
18.79 miles
11.9 mph


71° humidity 88% wind 4SE
Beautiful day and I was doing fine until about mile 18. But I kept going. I bonked.
24.84 miles
11.6 mph


87° humidity 49% wind 7-14 SE
Warm and sunny and windy.
I took it easy today and was happy when I actually had some tailwinds.
16.95 miles
11.8 mph

This week 141.7 miles
This year 1559 miles