20190428 cycling


I wanted another week of high mileage so I rode a little longer in order to average 20 miles a day. It was a good week except for those windy days.


81° humidity 30% wind 1-4 SE
Late ride do to lunch in Orlando.
With such light winds, everything is a headwind. Also but we're a problem. One got in my ear! My shirt looks like a car grille when I got home.
16.88 miles
11.7 mph


74° humidity 55% wind light from every direction but west.
Cool with little wind. Perfect day for cycling. Buzzards eating roadkill that an eagle refused. Utility trucks blocking the paths and roads. Prisoners cleaning up the trash along SR56. How come the men only have to wear grey jumpsuits but the women have to wear the old fashioned striped prison garb?
I forgot to fill up my water bottle so what I had wasn't even cold. Old well. I went easy and rode 3 laps. My bum was not happy that last mile.
24.83 miles
11.7 mph


70° humidity 69% wind 3-4 S
Warmer today. Sinus headache so I just let me legs pedal. Two loops.
I was riding north on MPB. Driver coming south. No other vehicles. Just as he gets to me, he lays on his horns for a good 5 seconds. WTF! That is where my HR spiked.
16.94 miles
11.4 mph


71° humidity 75% wind 3 SE
Beautiful day for a ride and most of it was good. Then I was crossing Mansfield. I was against the light but most of the traffic had cleared. One car was coming. I pushed it and realized was a mistake it was. My heart lurched and I could barely breathe. Fuck. Tachycardia. I rode slowly home. I tried rubbing an ice cube all over my face but it didn't seem to help but it did.
24.85 miles
11.3 mph


75° humidity 87% wind 7-22SW
The wind was brutal at times. And I had stomach cramps. I pushed through and turned around at Amberly. The ride back was so nice with the tailwinds that I didn't even mind stopping for the traffic lights.
18.27 miles
11.2 mph


72° humidity 50% wind 7-9 NE
Beautiful and windy. Not as bad as yesterday but still annoying. Also, the love bugs are early and in abundance. I have never seen so many! I had to keep my mouth closed.
19.82 miles
11.1 mph


89° humidity 40% wind 3-6 SE
Afternoon rides are becoming too warm and the summer humidity isn't even here yet.
Two loops.
19.21 miles
11.6 mph

This week 140.8 miles
This year 1988 miles