20190421 cycling

 special olympics summer games

It was a pretty good week for riding. I was busy doing rides for errandonnee and racked up the miles.


65° humidity 77% wind 6-13NW
First I forgot my helmet, then I forgot my glasses. Sigh.
Rode against the wind to Lori's. I brought her cookies. (You carried what?) continued against the wind and up and down arrow sidewalks to the library. I needed a new card. (Personal business or wildcard). Finally with the wind to the bank. The walk up ATM was out of order so I went to the drive-thru ATM. (Personal business)
Rode to Panera and met Lori for lunch. (Social call) Rode back towards home but stopped at Target to get milk for Ryan. (Store)
20.37 miles
11.4 mph


79° humidity 37% wind 4-5 E
Wind was stronger and in different directions. Bus Z528 stopped in the crosswalk at Hueland Pond and I had to swerve around it. Ass.
16.77 miles
11.5 mph


66° humidity 77% wind 2-4SE
Rode south on BBD. At Amberly, I got out of the rode and onto the MUP. It got crowded and a bit crazy once I got to USF. Lots of t affix and pedestrians. I parked my bike and walked to the museum. It was different. I walked over to the gallery but it was closed. (Arts and Entertainment)
76° humidity 56% wind 6SE
I rode my bike through USF and was happy to get out of there and ride on busy Fowler Ave to Fuzzy’s Tacos. (Social call)
No bike rack but so found a sign to lock my bike to. I got the shrimp fajita plate. I am not a big fan of peppers but I like the rest of it.
79° humidity 51% wind 6-11 SE
Google maps said the best way home was through USF. No thanks. I went around and made it just fine. But the tailwind was a headwind until I got to Cross Creek. Then it came back along CLR. Oh well, the lunch break was what I needed to not feel tired.
27.06 miles I stopped at CVS for sunscreen but they didn't have Blue Lizard though their app said they did. (Personal care)
27.06 miles
11.7 mph


70° humidity 71% wind 7-10 SE
Sunny and windy. More broken glass on Beardsley this time east of Braughton Place. Crowd fighting over a dead squirrel. Rode two loops. Truck didn't stop coming out of The Ridge. I expect the worse from drivers and prepared to stop.
Stop at the school to see if they take used batteries for fundraising. They do and I will go back later.
17.60 miles
11.1 mph


I took 20 pounds of used batteries up to the elementary school for fundraising. (Non-store errand) then I rode to the out community fitness center. (Personal care)
3.17 miles


80° humidity 74% wind 17-27 S
Windy as heck! I tried a new route just up and down CLR. CLR runs and east and west thought it does curve. I only had to deal with string headwinds at certain parts for a short distance. It is almost 5 miles and I did it three times.
14.75 miles
11.4 mph


67° humidity 64% wind 7-18 SW
21-24 NW 20-27 W
Windy as heck! A bit cool, too
It was a slog on most of the roads. I would have stopped at one loop but I needed the extra calories burned off so I can eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
16.75 miles
11.0 mph


76° humidity 33% wind 8-10 NW
Want d a longer ride and to take advantage of the wind direction, I rode the long way to Lori's & Bob's. (Social call)
21.31 miles
11.6 mph

This week 137.8 miles
This year 1845 miles