20190414 cycling


This was my best week for miles. Errandonnee started on Friday and I did two extra rides for it.

74° humidity 89% wind 7-10 SE
Cloudy and humid and windy.
I tried to stop too quickly after a sharp turn and almost flipped over. I caught myself but caught my calf on my gears and cut my leg. I thought it was it was just a scratch until I looked later and saw blood. (Since I stopped working, I no longer have to take naproxen everyday and my blood is no longer thin.) It mostly just stung from the sweat.
Two loops.
17.08 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 95% wind 9-14 S
Still a few sprinkles but not a problem. Wind was more of a problem but I didn't mind and didn't push it.
On my second stop, I saw the wind changed direction so I did, too. 11-18 SW
20.17 miles
11.5 mph


68° humidity 87% wind 2-3SW 3-5W 4NW
I went out to BBD. I hadn't planned on doing over 20 miles so I did one large loop and one small loop. I missed the school traffic but got stuck behind a family of sand hill cranes crossing the road.
18.58 miles
11.8 mph


70° humidity 81% wind 5-6 E
Went two large loops then 3 smaller ones until I felt fatigued.
23.44 miles
11.5 mph


79° humidity 66% wind 8S
The wind got stronger after I started. I decided to flip the route and go the other way.
15.14 miles
12.0 mph

Rode up to Bank of America and deposited check. Rode to Burger Monger. I skipped the fries! (Mostly because the fish was so expensive!) $15 Rode to Publix for groceries. I only got what would fit in my little bag. Rode home the long way so I would have to cross BBD twice. 7.48 miles


75° humidity 82% wind 7-9 SE
Warm and windy.
Accident on CLR. They were clearing it when I went out and just leaving on my way back. A car hit a light pole and you could see where the light pole crashed on the roof of the car.
Saw three animals dead in the road. The vultures were trying to clean up the beaver before they got to the possums.
19.22 miles
11.7 mph


Rode out to BBD. I saw the Car Show was going on so I stopped knowing it would count for Entertainment.
I rode to Batteries and Bulbs to recycle the CFL bulbs. (You carried what?)
Rode to Oliver's and got a new helmet. Not much selection unless I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars. I ended up with a black one. I got some gloves too. $68. (Personal Care.)
I walked over to Panera and had lunch. (Social Call.) Panera was slow.
The ride back was nice with the tailwinds. I saw another cyclist that should NOT have taken off his shirt. 11.12 miles


86° humidity 62% wind 14-23 S=
Windy! I got a half block before so remembered my helmet. I have gone too long without one. I went back and got it and was glad to keep the sun out of my eyes. I don't care that it is supposed to be a MTB helmet, I like the visor.
I struggled south to Brookton to Cross Creek. The wind was behind me as I went east to Morris Bridge. I was concerned that it would be against me as I went through Flatwoods. It was. =
I ate my RXBar before I left Flatwoods. I think it helped because I wasn't tired at when I finished. Though the tailwinds on the way home might have helped.
20.45 miles
11.4 mph

This week 152.7 miles
This year 1708 miles