20190331 cycling


This was a good week for riding. The weather was pretty good but windy at times. I did three long rides. I would like to go farther but need a longer break like a meal. But that takes money that I don’t have. I could probably take a snack...


83° humidity 46% wind 8-14 NW
Two large loops reversed. My bum was done at 20 miles.
22.70 miles
12.0 mph


78° humidity 56% wind 9-11 N
Two big loops. Ran over a roofing nail but it only went into the chiropractor she of the tire. I was able to finish the ride. I came home and ordered more tubes.
22.93 miles
12.3 mph


73° humidity 50% wind 15-24 NE
Too damn windy!
Two regular loops.
16.76 miles
11.5 mph


62° humidity 75% wind 8-13 NE
Wind was only going to get worse so I went out as soon as it got over 60°.
Two loops but I missed a couple of miles on my Apple Watch.
16.80 miles
11.4 mph


63° humidity 76% wind 5-8 NE
Less wind, yay! Narrowly avoided running into an MPIII truck parked in the bike lane on Beardsley. WTF
I heard someone honking at me. I turned to look. It was Fred, the crossing guard.
Why are they trimming the crape myrtles so late? Just let them go this year.
16.90 miles
11.8 mph


68° humidity 69% wind 6-9 SE
Warmer today.
Two loops. I saw Ryan and told him I had another loop so he would get home first and not be in another bad mood like yesterday.
16.86 miles
11.7 mph


83° humidity 40% wind 6-10SW 5-11W 11-12NW
Wind coming from the west so clockwise loops. And I made them big ones. Not too much traffic.
22.64 miles
11.9 mph

This week 135.6 miles
This month 535 miles
This year 1434 miles