20190303 cycling


I discovered that I can ride a bit easier and still burn the same amount of calories. I am still going the same amount of miles but taking a few minutes longer. I get less sweaty and enjoy the ride more. Hopefully I will burn more fat which I have an over abundance of.


64° humidity 36% wind 10-15 NE
Chilly and windy.
16.03 miles
12.0 mph

 a day in the life

69° humidity 72% wind 7-12 E
Not feeling the energy to fight the wind. I decided to make it a "rest" day or maybe a "fat burn" day by riding at a slower pace. I rode the same 16 miles as yesterday but took 3 minutes longer. And the calorie count was about the same. Have I been doing it wrong this hole time trying to get faster?
15.95 miles
11.5 mph


68° humidity 85% wind 4-6 E
Another easy day. If the calories burned is about the same, why push the effort?
15.95 miles
11.8 mph


66° humidity 93% wind variable
Wind felt all over the place because it was light. I was making my own headwind even though I wasn't riding hard. My new motto is easy does it. I am riding which is what counts.
15.98 miles
11.9 mph

This month 432 miles


69° humidity 83% wind 2-3 SW
Wind direction wrong. It is a good thing I didn't alter my route. Then again, the wi d was so light it wouldn't have mattered.
16.00 miles
11.8 mph


73° humidity 77% wind 3-7 S-SW
My thoughts ramble as I ride. I got to one thought and couldn't remember how I got there. I worked it back and decided to stop and jot it down before I forgot. I lost a good blog idea last week thinking I would remember. I still haven't. I have decided that my ride is not as precious as I thought it should be. Riding at lower speeds does not burn less calories. So I am trying to pay more attention to what I see around me.
Lots of cyclists also riding.
16.01 miles
11.6 mph


83° humidity 43% wind 10-13 SW
I rode out to BBD. Headwind wasn't fun but I wasn't pushing it. The MUP along New Tampa Blvd doesn't seem so rough when you don't care about your speed. The tailwind back was nice.
16.92 miles
11.8 mph

This week 112.8 miles
This year 931 miles