20190310 cycling


I am really liking not having to sweat like a pig just to burn calories. I do sweat especially as the weather is getting warmer, but it is not nearly so bad.


74° humidity 85% wind 9 SW, 10-18 W, 15 NW
Poorly planned ride. I started out going to SW thinking that the tailwind would help me back. But the wind kept shifting and I only had a tailwind on part of Tampa Palms and on CLR. Oh well. It was a good, long ride. My bum has had enough at about 15 miles. I need to plan longer rides with a rest break longer than it takes the like to change.
20.11 miles
11.8 mph


57° humidity 79% wind 5-9 NW
Grey, cold and windy.
I rode up through Seven Oaks.
15.75 miles
11.6 mph


60° humidity 25% wind 8-9 N
Cool, sunny and windy. The sun felt so good that I didn't care about the wind. I didn't find it either.
Fred made me wait a long time for about 100 buses!
16.01 miles
11.2 mph


70° humidity 43% wind 4-6 SE
The wind felt stronger but the sun felt good that I was happy.
16.58 miles
11.6 mph


75° humidity 46% wind 5-6 SE 6-7 S
Two kinds of clouds, whisky and puffy.
16.65 miles
11.5 mph


75° humidity 70% wind 8SE 9-16SE
Too windy.
Deputy sitting on sidewalk in order to hide and catch speeding drivers. WTF
Had to keep spitting. Foamy and thick saliva. Weird.
16.85 miles
11.4 mph


81° humidity 60% wind 7S
Cloudy and windy.
I don't know why my iPhone dims down even when the brightness is 100%. Is it the True Tone?
Today the deputy was sitting in the bike lane along Beardsley with his flashers on but no other vehicle.
17.07 mph
11.5 mph

This week 119 miles
This year 1067 miles