20190224 cycling


A good week for riding. The weather was nice though windy. It was better if I rode earlier before the wind got stronger.


75° humidity 92% wind 5-7 SW
I went the wrong way for the wind. But first report said 5S. I checked the hourly forecasts and it wasn't supposed to switch to SW until the afternoon.
Grey and muggy.
15.65 miles
12.5 mph


73° humidity 76% wind 7 E-SE
Beautiful sunny day. They were burning brush at Union Park.
Dirt hauler stopped right on crosswalk at Hueland Pond. Driver didn't stop coming out of the mental health facility. Do people read signs?
Headwind along Mansfield slowed me down some.
15.71 miles
12.4 mph


76° humidity 82% wind 7-15 SE
Cloudy and muggy and windy. No energy to push it.
15.68 miles
11.8 mph


68° humidity 89% wind 4 SE
Grey and muggy. Headwind along Mansfield.
15.71 miles
12.8 mph

 special olympics summer games

70° humidity 88% wind 3-4 SE
Short ride because of Special Olympics.
Headwind along Mansfield
11.93 miles
13.1 mph

 special olympics summer games

76° humidity 81% wind 7-8 SE
Warm and windy. Wind change when I got to Mansfield. 9-17 S
15.72 mph
12.0 mph

 special olympics summer games

74° humidity 92% wind 9-16 SW
Windy! I rode out to BBD. The path along New Tampa Blvd is so bad. I lose speed on it because I cannot go any faster and stay on my bike. Tailwind coming back BBD helped me regain my speed.
Saw a golf cart on the MUP stopped by the sheriff. An older Asian man with a walker was standing in front of the sheriff's SUV. A younger guy was standing by the golf cart.
15.30 miles
12.3 mph

This week 105.7 miles
This year 819 miles