20190217 cycling

bike lane

Another good week of riding. Saturday miles were low because I went on a photowalk and only had a short window before it got dark.


81° humidity 54% wind 8-9 S
Warm, sunny and windy.
One driver rode very close to me on MPB. I could probably have touched the vehicle if ai put my arm straight. What happened to 3' clearance?
16.01 miles
12.1 mph

73° humidity 88% wind 8-12 S
Cloudy and windy.
15.71 miles
11.6 mph (I was up to 12 mph then the tachycardia hit.)


59° humidity 85% wind 7NE-N
Grey and cold and windy. I had no energy to push.
16.0 miles
11.6 mph

Ryan finally got back on his bike.

Ryan finally got back on his bike.

70° humidity 54% wind 10-13 E
Sunny and windy! I was able to push through it today.
15.93 miles
12.3 mph


73° humidity 56% wind 5-8 SW
Rode to New Tampa and across the overpass.
16.87 miles
12.6 mph

75° humidity 69% wind 9-17 SW
Thankfully the wind never got that bad. It was just a short ride because it was late and the sun was going down.
8.47 miles
12.4 mph


73° humidity 81% wind 7-10 S
Warm and windy.
16.31 miles
12.0 mph

This week 105.3
This year 729