20190106 cycling


This was a good week for riding. The wind was annoying but I pushed through. I ended the year above my goal of 3000 miles even with missing most of August. I increased my weekly minimum mileage to 60 miles.


75° humidity 72% wind 11-16 SE
The damn wind was back. I pushed through some of it. I wanted a decent ride for the last one of the year. I heard and saw more martins along Oldwoods but didn't stop.
15.36 miles
12.1 mph

This month 410 miles
This year 3706 miles


80° humidity 63% wind 7-8 SW
Too warm, too breezy. I rode to BBD then to New Tampa Blvd and over I75. Coming back was nice. Not too much traffic and ai made most of the lights.
15.85 miles
12.5 mph


81° humidity 50% wind 3-5 S
Late start. I forgot my water and wore my sunglasses which were only needed for the first 5 miles. I had to take them off for the last five miles as it was too dark with them on. And the gnats!
15.59 miles
12.3 mph


75° humidity 82% wind 6-7 S
I went out to BBD and across the overpass. I found the way to Lizards Tail.
The way back was easy and I made the lights. My legs were ready to quit after 15 miles.
16.72 miles
12.4 mph


71° humidity 94% wind 10-14 S
Already too windy and only going to worse as the day goes on. I am glad I didn't wait any longer.
Saw a Maserati parked at the dead end on MPB. Stolen?
15.20 miles
12.0 mph


64° humidity 67% wind 12-18 NW
Too damn windy and cloudy. I pushed my way up through Seven Oaks and back down through Wiregrass. I only stopped a few seconds at the lights and once to rest.
It was not a fun ride.
15.13 miles
11.9 mph


71° humidity 37% wind 5 N/NE
Beautiful day and I wanted to stay in bed. My body was tired from drinking last night so I did a slow, recovery ride.
15.63 miles
11.4 mph

This week 109.5
This year 78