20190127 cycling


We had another windy and cold week. Sure it is winter, but this is Florida! It rained all day on Sunday without a break so I finished the week on my rollers.


64° humidity 33% wind 9-11 NE
Cool and windy but at least I didn't have to worry about the wind taking my bike out from underneath me. No school today so traffic was light.
14.80 miles
11.9 mph


73° humidity 50% wind 13-20 E
The sun might have felt good if the wind wasn't so dang strong. It took a lot of effort to ride into. The tailwind was great but it went by too quickly.
15.12 miles
11.9 mph


80° humidity 49% wind 11-18 SE
Very windy. My legs did not want to push through it. Tailwind was nice.
15.14 miles
12.1 mph


64° humidity 94% wind 8-9 SW
The storms were over but they left a lot of fallen palm frond and puddles. And humidity. The wind is supposed to pick up so I went early. Goofy me got a date wrong and my phone interview was today and not Monday. I did the interview along a busy road.
16.70 miles
12.3 mph


61° humidity 30% wind 6-9 N
I wasn't sure which way to go and picked the wrong way. I went west and it turned out the wind was more NE and it was a struggle along SR56.
They turned on the fountain at Union Park East so the birds have lost their perch.
14.72 miles
12.2 mph


62° humidity 46% wind 8-9 NE
It almost felt too warm in my tights. Then what little sun disappeared and it got cold.
15.33 miles
12.2 mph


50° humidity 93% wind 14-23 N Rain
The rain never stopped. I can do cold. I can do rain. I cannot do rain AND cold. I set up my rollers. I thought I would just ride until I got my exercise ring closed. But I kept riding. Then I said 30 minutes. Then I said 300 calories. I ended with 45 minutes and 350 calories. The equivalent of about 9 miles.

This week 100.8 miles
This year 396 miles