20190120 cycling


Not a bad week. The wind was OK until Saturday and Sunday. I almost stayed home on Sunday but then I didn’t want to give up my streak since September 1.


66° humidity 57% wind 6-7 NW
I went out to Seven Oaks. I was going at an easy pace until Mystic Oak then I thought I might try to break my record for that segment. (I missed it by 6 seconds) The rest of the ride was fast because of the tailwinds. 15.50 miles
12.4 mph


59° humidity 52% wind 6-7 NW
I went out to Seven Oaks. I didn't push it.
I noticed the wind changed when I was on Chancey. There was no tailwind.
I rode to Panera to get my free bakery item for my #birthdaymonth I got a cinnamon scone. They have changed the recipe and it isn't quite as good. Still tasty. Wind 8-9 N
I rode home.
16.93 miles
12 mph


57° humidity 55% wind 7 N
I didn't want to ride at all. It was too cold and blah. The sun was out but didn't seem to help.
Windsor gates were open so I rode through there.
Every time the sun was behind the trees or a building, my eyes were happy but the rest of me got colder.
15.15 miles
12.1 mph


72° humidity 44% wind 3-4 W
Warmer and sunnier today with less wind. Yay! Rode out to Seven Oaks and back.
15.51 miles
12.6 mph


74° humidity 28% wind 2-4 SW
Beautiful day to ride. The wind was light and the sun felt good.
15.10 miles
12.6 mph


68° humidity 62% wind 8-14 S
Warmer and windy.
I saw a flock of migrating birds in Meridian and Union Park.
15.15 miles
12.1 mph


57° humidity 68% wind 17-28 NW
I didn't even change out of my street clothes. I just wanted to get my exercise minutes in. The wind was awful and at times I was lucky to keep my bike upright. |
Tailwinds along SR56 were nice.
8.47 miles
12.0 mph

This week 101.9 miles
This year 296 miles