20190113 cycling


Another good week of riding. I made sure I rode at least 14 miles each day.


77° humidity 51% wind 6-7 SE
A little warmer and windier today. But I was up for a little faster ride as I slept well last night.
15.57 miles
12.3 mph


66° humidity 81% wind 1-2SE 3-4SW
Sunny and cool. The wind changed direction. It wasn't a big problem but I got no tailwinds.
15.62 miles
12.3 mph


66° humidity 81% wind 10NW
The wind is back but at least I got some good tailwind out of it.
15.71 miles
12.5 mph


60° humidity 31% wind 6-7N
I waited for it to get warmer to ride. I don't like waiting because afternoons are for naps. =
15.15 miles
12.3 mph


61° humidity 58% wind 7-8 NE
I rode to the bank and the PDQ for lunch with a friend. She was treating me for my birthday.
3.82 miles 11.2 mph
71° humidity 51% wind 7-8 E
Instead of just going home, I rode up through Seven Oaks and back through Wiregrass. It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be.
12.40 miles 12.2 mph


77° humidity 47% wind 9-11 SE
Warm and windy. Late start because my SIL called.
The wind was annoying.
I saw a flock of martins and stopped to record them. I had never seen so many before.
15.74 miles
12.2 mph


77° humidity 63% wind 10-12 SW
I went out towards BBD. Saw at the stop that I didn't properly start my ride on my Apple Watch. I "lost" 2.3 miles.
I rode through Richmond Place. It has gotten a bit ghetto.
14.64 miles
12.4 mph

This week 108.7 miles
This year 188 miles