20180902 Cycling 


Ever since the PA told me I no longer needed to wear my sling, Ryan has been expecting me to ride my bike. I have missed it but I wasn’t feeling up to riding. My shoulder didn’t hurt as much as the whiplash. But even the whiplash was getting better. I told Ryan I could use the rollers and ride inside. He left me alone until Sunday when I was off. 
I went to get them and pulled too hard and re-injured my shoulder. It hurt like hell for two days. On Tuesday, we set the rollers up and I got on the bike. 
It only took me a day to get used to the rollers and another day to be bored. Because I had no pain riding the rollers, I felt brave to ride on the road. 


I put away my road bike. I set up the rollers. They are a lot higher than I remembered. It has been 23 years since I used them. I had to use the granny gear. Oh well. I made it 30 minutes. My shoulder feels fine but now my back hurts again.
I need to wear gloves as my arms and hands sweat.


Today was easier. I did 30 minutes. I tried out the Strava app afterwards for a couple of minutes. It will upload to Strava but the iPhone app won't track indoor rides. Wearing proper gear helped. 


I find I need to tighten the fork before each session. It loosens as I ride because I am not perfectly balanced. 
30 minutes. 


Turns out I can text and ride at the same time. 
30 minutes. 

This month 40 km 24.8 miles
This year 2193


77° humidity 93% wind 5-10 E
I just couldn't do the rollers again. Two reasons. Two challenges. The first was the Apple Watch National Parks Challenge. Do a workout for 50 minutes. Fifty minutes (Unfortunately I missed the park where it had to be a walk, run or wheelchair activity.) And Cycle September from Love to Ride. I took my bike off he rollers and put on the front wheel. I didn't get a new helmet yet so I stuck to local roads. Turns out I lost a lot of fitness and couldn't ride very fast anyway. I took my time and loved feeling the wind against my face and the sun on my skin. 
8.9 miles
10.6 mph


78° humidity 90% wind 7 E
Another short, easy ride. I am just trying to get my fitness back. Taking it easy until I heal. 
6.1 miles
10.5 mph
This week 15 miles
This year 2208