20180923 cycling


I upped my rides this week. I am still riding the 820 because my collarbone is still healing. PA said 6 more weeks! But I am riding longer on the days I don’t have to work early. Pumping up the tires increased my speed some. I might need to change my saddle.


75° humidity 99% wind 3 S
Out before sunrise. More traffic being it was a Monday.
I remembered my sunglasses and needed them when I turned onto Mansfield.
Can't seem to get my speed up.
9.05 miles
10.2 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 1E
Out before the sun came up. I missed the sunrise but it was up when I got to Mansfield.
9.09 miles
10.3 mph


75° humidity 93% wind 1-2 N
A little later than yesterday so the sun was in my eyes. Also a lot of traffic on Oldwoods because of the new school. I will have to remember that. Oldwoods is not wide and there are no bike lanes.
Heavy traffic on MPB as well.
Driver turning left onto Hueland Pond saw me, hesitated, then decided to go anyway so I had to brake. Asshole.
Driver turning left onto Mansfield went even though I had the right of way and I had to brake. Both assholes were young women. WTF
Ran into heavy traffic at JLMS. I had to stop because Fred didn't see me. Also the car in front of me was blocking the bike lane. Sure glad I ride to reduce stress.
12.92 miles
10.4 mph


73° humidity 97% wind 1N
Pumped up the tires. What a difference!
Vehicle accident on MPB at Beaconsfield. Older woman hit another car and then ran into a tree. She was sitting on the stretcher as I rode by.
Managed to miss the worse of the school traffic in Union Park and JLMS.
15.03 miles
11.2 mph


73° humidity 100% wind 3-5 NE
A little later start because I was tired from working late. Sun was in my eyes. But I missed the school traffic.
15.02 miles
11.1 mph


76° humidity 91% wind 5-6 NE
Windy. Wind feel worse on my 820. Part of it is the bike and part is how high I sit.
LMP truck parked in bike lane with no cones, no flashers.
Slow ride.
14.90 miles
10.4 mph


77° humidity 87% wind 4-6 E
Sunny and windy. Did the long route to Union Park. I was glad for the tailwind along SR56. Saw a guy on a Halfbike. It looked like a lot of work.
14.97 miles
10.8 mph

This week 91 miles
This year 2380 miles