20180916 cycling


Feeling better every week. Still riding my 820 because my collarbone is still healing. But I feel like I want to ride longer and harder.


73° humidity 99% wind ~
Started as the sun was rising. I had to put on my sunglasses when I got to the pond on Beardsley. Steamy pond. More traffic today. I might try to get put earlier tomorrow.
9.10 miles
10.6 mph


75° humidity 95% wind 1-4 NE
Pleasant day. Less traffic.
9.04 miles
10.9 mph


89° humidity 61% wind 1-2 E
I didn't ride in the morning because I had a job interview. I opted for going back to sleep after the bus picked up Andy. I chose to ride after dinner even though The forecast called for light rain.
There were some sprinkles but then they stopped.
Halfway through, my legs felt like jello. I don't know why.
I opted to cut through Hueland Pond rather than go to Mansfield. There was rain in the distance and I wasn't sure if I would be riding into it.
8.49 miles
10.4 mph


76° humidity 95% wind 1-3 NE
Rode a little farther today. The cows are back in the pasture at MPB and SR56.
Talked to Fred and Bob.
11.99 miles
10.7 mph


75° humidity 97% wind 1-3 S
Bike feels so slow. Is it me or the tires?
Rode to UPCS.
11.94 miles
10.6 mph


78° humidity 94% wind 3 S
No energy today and the sun was right in my eyes. I saw three hot air balloons.
9.04 miles
10.4 mph


78° humidity 95# wind 3 S
The sun wasn't up. It was nice to not have it in my eyes. Except when I turned east on Mansfield. But it was a short portion. A slow ride.
8.5 miles
10.3 mph

This week 68.1 miles
This year 2319