20180909 cycling

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# 20180909 Cycling

Finally back on the bike every day. I am still taking it easy and still riding the 820. It doesn’t feel like a big effort but I don’t want to overdo it. Yet I am itching to ride longer and father and harder.


77° humidity 90% wind 7-11 NE
Windy and sunny. More traffic this morning which bothered me some. I think I am going to try riding earlier even if it is dark.
6.05 miles
10.7 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 7-14 E
Windy! Short ride. Tired.
6.11 miles
10.5 mph


75° humidity 98% wind 3-4 E
The light was against me so I turned right onto Mansfield. I didn't do my usual loop but went to the deadend and turned around.
I went through The Ridge to SR56 then back to Mansfield. It was a nice ride and the sun was just visible through the haze.
6.98 miles
10.5 mph


75° humidity 95% wind 5-7 NE
Rode my usual loop. I rode on the MUP. I prefer the road.
Stopped and talked to the crossing guard.
8.48 miles
10.5 mph


74° humidity 97% wind 4 E
Only time for a short ride because I had to drive Andy to school. I am getting a little faster.
6.52 miles
11.2 mph


76° humidity 93% wind 2-3
Felt windier.
Rode my usual loop. This bike needs a tune up and a new chain and gears and wheels and handlebars and overhaul.
9.1 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 95% wind ~
More wind that reported.
Usual route. Completed the week riding.
9.10 miles
11 mph

This week 52.3
This year 2260