20180805 cycling

 bicycle accident

This is going to be the last update for a while. I am sidelined with a broken clavicle and whiplash. When the pain goes away, I will set up my rollers and ride at home until I can get back on the road. 


75° humidity 96% wind 3-7 SE
Earlier ride because of work. Not as warm, feels good. 
9.03 miles
12.6 mph


76° humidity 92% wind 5-8 SE
Overcast and windy. I didn't have much energy today. Utility work had sidewalk closed. They put a sign but not where the blue clock starts. 
12.61 miles
12.3 mph


75° humidity 96% wind 5-10 SE
Sunny and windy. Shorter ride so I can go into work early. 
Utility work blocking the MUP on SR56. The sidewalk closed sign was at The Beach House so I rode through their parking lot. It doesn't go through so I had to ride on some sidewalks, through the grass and a planting bed. 
9.21 miles
12.7 mph


77° humidity 95% wind 4-7 SE
Sunny and windy. Nosebleed and stomach cramps. Headwind along Mansfield but I pushed through it. 
13.15 miles
12.5 mph

 bicycle accident
 bicycle accident

75° humidity 95% wind 3-5 SE
The crash. 
I was down Beardsley with the sun in my eyes. I kept my head down and looking ahead about 20’ I caught a glimpse of something orange in my peripheral vision. I looked up and saw the van. It was too close and I had no time to stop. I swerved left. 
I don’t remember the impact. The first thing I remember is looking across the street at the Whitlock sign. I thought I was in Seven Oaks and did’t remember Whitlock being there. I was sitting on the van in the open door. FHP came as well as an ambulance. I said I would call a friend. D came and took my home so I could get my wallet. We went to FHWC. After X-rays, I was told I had no concussion but did have a broken clavicle. That surprised me because my should didn’t hurt much. Later that day, the whiplash made itself know. The pain of it is what keeps me away from moving much. 
2.2 miles

This week 46.2 miles
This year 2193