20180729 cycling

bike lane

I finally got over my cold this week. Working later helped me get in a few more miles.


72° humidity 95% wind 6-12 S-SW
Felt colder. I felt better. Roads were wet after heavy storms this morning. 
11.92 miles
12.5 mph


81° humidity 83% wind 7-14 S 6-10 SW
Late start because of the rain. Took a chance and went my regular route. I should have turned at The Ridge but I went to Hueland Pond where it started raining. It stung my skin but didn't last long and I never had to take off my glasses.
11.41 miles
12.7 mph


83° humidity 84% wind 8-11 S
Rain this morning. I didn't time my ride well and got caught in a few light showers. Rode harder to get home quicker. 
11.24 miles
13 mph


79° humidity 91% wind 5-10 S
More rain this morning but I managed to avoid getting wet from it. 
12.03 miles
12.7 mph


81° humidity 90% wind 3-4SE but changed to 3-7 SW
I went out my usual route based on the wind reported at 9. But I ended Ridge bag against the wind the entire ride because it shifted. Dammit!
Actually it wasn't that bad but my body didn't want to push. 
13.04 miles
12.4 mph


75° humidity 94% wind 2 E
Felt a lot stronger than 2 mph. Headwind along Beardsley and Mansfield. 
Pushed harder. 
9.07 miles
12.7 mph


78° humidity 90% wind 2-3 SE
Wind felt stronger. 
Bloody nose at mile 9?! It stopped by the time I got to Mansfield. 
13.1 miles
12.6 mph
This week 81.9
This year 2134