20180722 cycling


Still sick but getting better. I started riding a little harder and longer at the end of the week.


81° humidity 96% wind 2-5 S
Warm and windy. Still sick so not pushing it. 
11.36 miles
12.2 mph


80° humidity 95% wind 6-9 SW
I went my normal route because the wind felt against me when I turned onto CLR. 
I felt good and only coughed once but took the shortcut through The Ridge. 
10.41 miles
12.2 mph


79° humidity 92% wind 5-10 SW
I went out CLR to BBD. It was windy, I could feel it. Blew a snot rocket that stuck to my glasses and in my nose. I had to pull it off. It was so gross. But my nose felt so clear after that. And no coughing. 
Headwind along Beardsley. 
11.52 miles
12.4 mph


79° humidity 90% wind 6-10 S
Windy. Felt better and pushed harder. No coughing until the end when I smelled something vile from the sewer drain. Gross. 
12.07 miles
12.6 mph


77° humidity 95% wind 4-7 SE
Feeling better. I can breathe and not have to blow snot rockets every mile. 
A few sprinkles which explains the rainbow along SR56. 
9.09 miles
12.4 mph


80° humidity 90% wind 6-8 SW
I went out to BBD. Headwind along CLR. 
Golf cart with woman and her two boys sitting in the MUP at Mansfield. Idiot. 
Headwind along Beardsley and CLR. 
14.49 miles
12.2 mph

83° humidity 87% wind 7-11 W
Warm and windy. I rode out to BBD and back SR56. Some coughing but it is productive. 
8.55 miles
12.5 mph
This week 77.5
This year 2078