20180715 cycling


Not a great week for riding. I have been battling a cold so I have been riding slower and shorter each day.


75° humidity 94% wind 2 N
Still not pushing because of my cough. 
9.06 miles
12.3 mph


78° humidity 89% wind 3-4 NE
Windy and muggy and I am still coughing. 
I didn't push it but still tried to stay over 12 mph. 
13.78 miles
12.4 mph


77° humidity 89% wind??
Windy and it seemed to change direction. 
I felt OK for the first 20 minutes then the coughing started. I decided not to go too long. Headwind along SR56 & Mansfield. 
11.77 miles
12.2 mph


76° humidity 90% wind 3-5 SE
Felt better but took it easy. Utility work blocking MUP just before Mansfield. I had to turn around. 
12.65 miles
12.2 mph

80° humidity 86% wind 3 NE
I felt better. No coughing during the ride. 
Rode up to Union Park Academy and turned around. No stops. 
9.93 miles
12.3 mph


75° humidity 96% wind 2 E
Felt cooler but maybe because the sun was lower and in my eyes. 
Took it easy. Coughing but not on the bike. 
8.51 miles
12.1 mph

81° humidity 91% wind 2w
I went my normal route because the wind felt more easterly than west. When I turned west onto SR56 there was a strong headwind. I almost turned around. It turned out not to be that strong. 
Still sick. Took it easy. 
9.02 miles
11.9 mph
This week 74.7
This year 1991