20180520 cycling


The week started out OK but we went to Disney for Special Olympics State Games. I didn't get a chance to ride on Saturday and didn't even try on Sunday after we got home.

69° humidity 100% wind 6-8 NE
Wet. Drizzle at times. 
8.43 miles
12.7 mph


73° humidity 93% wind 6-13 S/SE
Humid and windy. I had to force myself to move. 
The gator was trying to get some sun on the bank of the pond on Oldwoods. 
Headwind along Mansfield
13.95 miles
12.8 mph


69° humidity 98% wind 6-8 SE
Wet and windy. 
Too tired to push. 
Driver had to slam on her brakes to stop at The Ridge. I was also prepared to stop. 
8.44 miles
12.5 mph


72° humidity 92% wind 8-19 S
I didn't feel the wind gusts reported but the wind felt more SW and I had to push along SR56. Headwind along Mansfield made me drop from 12.8 mph. 
13.93 miles
12.7 mph


73° humidity 89% wind 6+ SE
The sun was out but so was the wind. Windier than reported. I struggled to keep pushing. 
Saw a small deer running across the fields at MPB and Beardsley. 
Headwind along Mansfield
14.04 miles 12.3 mph

 special olympics state games

No ride because we were at Special Olympics State Games. There was no opportunity and place to ride Andy’s bike while we waited for the races. 

Rainy day sapped all my energy. I just couldn’t muster any motivation to get on my bike when we got home. 

This week
58.8 miles