20180429 cycling

bike lane

A better week of riding. I had a couple days of shorter rides but made it up on Thursday & Friday.


70° humidity 96% wind 6-8 SE
Overcast so no need for sunglasses. Wind was a bit annoying.
9.08 miles
12.7 mph

Special Olympics Torch Run in Dade City. We walked 4 miles.
76° humidity 56% wind 10-16 W
It was too windy so I only went out it to complete my exercise ring. 
I rode CLR to BBD to Aronwood back to CLR. 
5.60 miles
12.1 mph


63° humidity 82% wind 3-5 NW
I rode out CLR to BBD. Skipping Aronwood gave me an extra half mile. 
Chilly. Wind wasn't an issue. 
I had to stop at JLMS for crossing guard. The guard at Wrencrest blew his whistle but I didn't stop. 
8.55 miles
12.8 mph


68° humidity 76% wind 4-7 SW
Beautiful day to ride. Banana peel in the bike lane. Who does that? 
I rode to BBD to SR56 to MPB to Union Park. Headwind all the way home. 
I recorded the ride with my Apple Watch but it did show up in the Activity App. 
15.4 miles
13 mph


70° humidity 81% wind 6-11 SW
Sunny and windy. I took the same path again. The headwind on the way back was worse. 
15.24 miles
13 mph

61° humidity 89% wind 3-6 NNW
I did a reverse loop. I rode hard and didn't stop. The wind wasn't too annoying. 
9.10 miles
12.8 mph


67° humidity 76% wind 1-4 NE
I didn't feel like pushing it. I let my body ride at its own pace. 
9.02 miles
12.5 mph
This week 72
This year 1121 miles