20180422 cycling


A decent week of riding. Some days were too windy for comfort. Oh and that flat.

59° humidity 69% wind 12-17 NE
Way too windy. It really made the temperature feel like 50° 
Headwind along Mansfield was killer. 
Tailwind on the way back was very nice. 
6.03 miles
11.3 mph


59° humidity 61% wind 6-7 N
A little chilly and windy. So much better than yesterday. However, my legs didn’t feel like going any faster. 
I saw Lars in Union Park. He was pulling out of his drive. I now am sure it was him I saw before as his license plate says Lars1. Oy. 
12.43 miles
12.2 mph


Cool in the morning then Andy & I ran errands all day. I rode after dinner. 

83° humidity 31% wind 7-10 NW
Windy. One loop, clockwise. My feet were aching. 
Heavy traffic. 
13.58 miles
12.7 mph


57° humidity 91% wind 1 W
Once I changed my flat, I only had time for a short ride. 
Almost had to stop 4 times for lights and school crossings. 
6.5 miles
12.7 mph


59° humidity 99% wind ?? It seemed like it was mostly against but light. Reports said NE and N
Took awhile to warm up my legs to move faster than 10mph
Had to stop for crossing guard at JLMS. 
9.16 miles
12.8 mph


70° humidity 85% wind 7-10 E
Wind must have been strong because I was going 15 mph with tailwinds and felt no wind on my face. 
13.64 miles
12.4 mph


74° humidity 81% wind 8-9 E
Run in with a driver. Riding on Mansfield to Beardsley. There is no bike lane and I stay to the right to allow cars to pass. I hear the cars coming. First one is passing me and I hear a horn behind. WTF. It startled me but I do not lose control. I give he finger because it pisses me off. Drivers don’t understand this is startling and a cyclist can lose control of the bike and either fall or even go into the car!  The driver slows down and lowers the passenger window. I yell that honking the horn is starting. She (a young woman driving a silver Ford Focus with partial plate AEN) says there is no bike lane. I say I have the right, look it up. She says no I say there are no signs prohibiting bikes. She says it is my life as if she is threatening me. I say Wow, you are an asshole. She speeds away and does not use her indicator as she turns onto Beardsley. I did better but it still took about a mile for my heart rate to drop. 
The wind was not fun. Headwind along Mansfield was awful. 
8.43 miles
12.3 mph
This week 69.8 miles
This year 1049 miles