20180415 cycling


A good week for riding. Weather wasn’t great but it didn’t stop me any day. Apple Watch  activity app is being wonky.


70° humidity 97% wind 5-7 S
Dark and foggy. Heavy traffic. 
Wahoo sensors stopped recording at mile 6. 
9.07 miles
13 mph


76° humidity 84% wind 6-12 S
I forgot to check the wind direction when I was looking at the rain forecast. I went my normal route and the wind wasn’t an issue. 
There was a little rain on and off until I turned onto Mansfield. There was an accident at the school entrance. 
Lightning then thunder when I was at WRES then the downpour. I went as fast as I could and each drop felt like a needle. 
12.9 miles
12.8 mph


61° humidity 85% wind 7-8 NE
Chilly and windy. 
Headwind along MPB & Mansfield
13 miles
12.7 mph


59° humidity 70% wind 5-6 NE
Chilly and windy but the roads were dry and the sun was out. 
9.06 miles
12.7 mph


Friday the 13th
69° humidity 76% wind 6-10 SE
Windy. I had to alter my route because of traffic and not wanting to stop. I went down a road in Union Park where only a few of the houses are finished and occupied. 
13.1 miles
12.5 mph

65° humidity 94% 4 SE
Sunny and cool. Steamy ponds. 
Tired from working late. 
8.47 miles
12.5 mph


75° humidity 85% wind 14-24! S
Very windy. Too windy. So windy. 
13.29 miles
12.0 mph

This week 79 miles
This year 975 miles