20180318 cycling


Climate change has made some unusually cold mornings. I had some extra days off so I could delay my rides until the temperatures rose.


68° humidity 91% wind 14 NW
It was wet but not raining when I started. But it was dark. It started raining after 10 minutes. The wind was bad. The visor on my helmet is low and kept the rain off of my glasses. 
The dead deer is still there, intact. 
6.5 miles
12.4 mph

49° humidity 58% wind 8 NW
It was cold but I was running out of time before I had to get ready for work. 
The deer was gone. 
7.1 miles
12.3 mph


Too cold in the morning. I had to take Ryan to the dentist and haircut. I rode after I ate lunch. 
64° humidity 32% wind 10-15 NW
Very windy. The wind was against me for the first five miles and the last 2 1/2. 
LMP blocking bike lane on CLR. 
11.1 miles
12.6 mph


Too cold in the morning. Andy had special Olympics so I rode after I finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 

68° humidity 21% wind 6-8 W
Windy and sunny. 
15.1 miles
12.8 mph


Very cold in the morning. I rode after lunch and groceries. 
70° humidity 31% wind 5 w-sw
Good tailwind along SR56. Though my legs and arms felt weak. 
The wind shifted and I had to fight it along CLR. 
15 miles
13 mph


Another cold morning so I rode after work. 
76° humidity 30% wind 6-8 SW
I started out slow but felt stronger as I started to ride. Tailwind along SR56.
11.3 miles
12.7 mph

58° humidity 100% wind 2-3 SW
Cool and foggy. I started out slow but found my rhythm about 10 minutes in. 
6.5 miles
123 mph
This week 72.7
This year 692