20180311 cycling

It was a windy week and cold on a few days. But I am happy with the miles I rode.

69° humidity 41% wind 11-12 NW
Short loop in the opposite direction. Lots of traffic and dusk. 
8.4 miles
12.8 mph

union park

union park

60° humidity 60% wind 3-8 S
I went my usual route thinking I would be OK with the wind. But it was more SSW and slowed me down. That and I didn’t feel like pushing it. 
12 miles
12.4 mph


62° humidity 56% wind 10-14 NW
Sunny and very windy. I chose not to fight it. 
14.5 miles
12 mph


49° humidity 58% wind 5-6 NW
Cold but not too windy. Short ride with new helmet. 
6.4 miles
12 mph

51° humidity 52% wind 6 NE
It was too cold to ride before 9am. I chose to ride my bike to work to get in my riles.
My pants were too tight and cutting off the oxygen. They are not meant for riding. I had to stop and undo the button. 
Ride was OK. Good once I got on SR56 and had tailwinds. 
I forgot to stop the workout app on my watch. 
3.9 miles
11.7 mph

64° humidity 29% wind 2-5 NE
Dark but my lights worked well. 
3.8 miles
11.7 mph

union park

union park

64° humidity 63% wind 8-9 SE
Sunny and windy. Union Park was having Battle of the Blocks. A truck was blocking my view. 
A truck and a monster bus were blocking Tonka at Oldwoods. 
Headwind along Hueland Pond and Mansfield. 
12 miles
12.6 mph


63° humidity 93% wind 5-8 SE
Sunny and windy. Windy didn’t help much. 
Dead deer still by the side of the road on Mansfield at WRES. 
15.1 miles
12.1 mph

This week 76.5
This year 610