20181216 cycling


This week started out pretty good. Then we got rain on Friday and Saturday and my motivation was gone. I still rode every day but not much on the weekend.


59° humidity 64% wind 11-16 NW
I went out Mansfield to WRB to Chancey then up to Village Market and back down through Seven Oaks.
The lights were long and I got stuck at BBD because someone tampered with the crosswalk signs and I hit the wrong one.
Stopped at the bank to deposit a check. Stopped at Starbucks for some pumpkin loaf. Disappointed because the loaf is not quite as moist and was packaged. And the date on the package was October!
16.27 miles
11.4 mph


58° humidity 54% wind 8-13 N
I wore my tights and the wind was a little weaker. I rode the same path as yesterday but reversed. It went better. Some stomach pains.
14.57 miles
12.4 mph


65° humidity 52% wind 2-6 SE
Happy to see the wind back to normal strength and direction. I did my usual route to Union Park and back. The sky was beautiful.
15.85 miles
12.2 mph


74° humidity 61% wind 8-13 SE
Late ride. Emotional day.
Wind wasn't as strong as reported.
I rode out to Union Park. Dark on my way home.
15.31 miles
12.1 mph


69° humidity 100% wind 9-16 W
Short ride in between showers.
I went west based on the reported wind. It didn't feel strong. I could feel it more when riding home and my legs wanted to quit.
9.16 miles
12.7 mph


66° humidity 88% wind 2SE
It was late and I didn't even change my clothes. I ended up at Starbucks and had a sandwich for dinner. Then I rode back in the dark. I hate the gnats.
7.61 miles
11.7 mph


62° humidity 73% wind 1-3 W
Another late ride. This is what happens if I get dressed and go out. I put off my exercise. I changed because I though it was still warm. It wasn't and the cool breeze was chilly on my bare arms. I never got warm.
7.87 miles
12.3 mph

This week 86.6 miles
This year 3492 miles