20181209 cycling

bike lane

It was a windy week and I rode different routes to best take advantage of the tailwinds on my return. My rides keep getting postponed because I just do t have the drive nor motivation to do much but read. I didn’t want to ride at all on Sunday but saw I needed just 11 miles to make 100 miles for the week and did it. Even when I don’t want to ride, it only takes me getting on my bike before I feel better.


79° humidity 81% wind 12-16 SW
Rode down Kinnan over too much broken glass. I went to Cross Creek then over BBD to West Meadows. I tried to ride on the path but it is so bad. Climbing up the overpass was slow but I downshifted quite a bit. Though I never had to resort to my granny gear. I turned onto Lizards Tail. There is a small park. There is no way to get over to LT east of the overpass.
Stopped at Starbucks.
Rode back BBD to CLR. Some rain drops. Tailwinds most of the way.
16.64 miles
12 mph


67° humidity 97% wind 7 N
Mostly cloudy when I started but sun started peeking as I rode.
Diane saw me on MPB and stopped to talk.
Rode to Starbucks at SR54.
Iced soy chai.
Rode to BBD then east on Chancey to WRB to Mansfield. My stomach started growling.
18.86 miles
11.9 mph


61° humidity 31% wind 12-17 N
Oh the wind! And then my stomach started to hurt. I kept pedaling. I rode up BBD barely keeping the bike upright. I thought the tailwind would be better. Or maybe it was the stomach pains.
15.23 miles
11.8 mph


69° humidity 43% wind 3E
A little cool but the wind was so much weaker, it felt good. I rode through Union Park and stopped at a few Christmas displays. I was surprised when I got back that Ryan was waiting for me in the garage.
13.68 miles
12.3 mph


75° humidity 46% wind 6 SE
Quick ride so I can meet some friends for happy hour.
Beautiful day. Wind wasn't too bad. Legs felt shaky at half way point. Kept pushing.
9.07 miles
12.6 mph


71° humidity 66% wind 7-9 SE
Stronger winds today.
I stopped extra to answer texts. (Stupid people who don't know their own jobs.)
The sky was beautiful.
Headwind along Mansfield nearly stopped me.
15.8 miles
12 mph


69° humidity 88% wind 7-14 SW
I went out CLR to BBD then rode through Colonial Grand. Back on BBD to Flatwoods. I turned back and turned on my lights.
Carrot Weather said the wind had shift to 4-17 NW but I didn't notice it. It was dark when I got home.
11.57 miles
12.2 mph

This week 100.8
This year 3402