20181104 cycling


A pretty good week for cycling. I got my 820 back and it runs smoother and quieter. I need to remember to take care of my chain better. I did two coffeeneuring rides on my days off. Now I only have one more to do and still have weeks left.


Coffeeneuring #5
71° humidity 67% wind 6-7 W 5-8 NW
Beautiful day. It was chilly this morning so I waited until it got a little warmer and decided to make it a luncheoneuring.
I rode out to BBD then up to Seven Oaks. It was windy and I had a bit of the caffeine shakes but it didn't last long. I rode back down BBD to Chancey then rode east to Mansfield. I saw a man letting his dogs run free in the field. The hound kept barking at me so I stopped and let her get used to me. I rode to SR56 and found the sidewalk blocked due to construction.
I went to Wiregrass Mall to Fresh Healthy Cafe. Spicy chicken wrap and açaí berry smoothie. $14. So good.
I rode back home SR56 to Hueland Pond. The wind helped me some.
18.73 miles
12.3 mph


65° humidity 93% wind 4-5
Sunny, cool and windy.
13.42 miles
12.8 mph


Coffeeneuring #6
75° humidity 69% wind 5-8 E
Lunch ride!
Windy and heavy traffic. I rode up to SR54. Construction along SR54.
Stopped at Starbucks. Maple Pecan Crème Frappuccino and Chicken Caprese Sandwich.
Rode west to BBD and south to Meadow Pointe. I made most of the lights! Headwind all the way back.
17.58 miles
12.3 mph


62° humidity 94% wind 5-7 SE
Chilly with the sun coming up. Beautiful sunrise.
Slowed down by school traffic at JLMS.
9.07 miles
12.5 mph


72° humidity 95% wind 9-16 S
Gloomy and windy. I rode up to Union Park and was chased by a dachshund.
Headwind along Mansfield was brutal.
14.91 miles
12.2 mph


55° humidity 87% wind 8-10 N
Cold and windy! I put on my tights and a hat. The hat didn't cover my ears so they were cold for the first 5-10 minutes.
Headwind along Mansfield and SR56.
It took a while to get up to 12 mph.
Something broke as I was coming home and I can no longer downshift. Bad luck with bikes lately.
9.02 miles
12.0 mph


70° humidity 85% wind 8-10
Cloudy, windy and sprinkles.
I did manage to get my bike to downshift which I needed with the wind. I pushed myself and didn't stop.
9.06 miles
12.5 mph

This week 91.8 miles
This year 2941 miles