20181125 cycling

20181125 bike miles.PNG

I feel like I should have had more miles this week. But the depression made me put off riding until the afternoon. At least I rode everyday. Well, that was easy knowing it helps with my moods.


68° humidity 85% wind 4 NE
Cloudy and windy. My legs didn't feel like pushing. I rode around some new roads but they were dead ends. I rode through Union Park. I hit a roofing nail along MPB and Sherringham. I didn't have my kit and had to call dad.
11.59 miles
11.9 mph


72° humidity 88% wind 3-6 NW
There was a little bit of sun but it disappeared before I got to BBD. The tailwind was great and I was up to 12.9 mph before I turned around.
A few sprinkles when I was almost home.
17.63 miles
12.4 mph


73° humidity 55% wind 8-9 NW
Too windy to be really enjoyable.
The gates were open at Gwynhurst so I rode through. It has been years since I went in. All the homes are complete. The path to SR56 stops short and there is a ditch. Will it be an open path? There is no fence now.
I changed to my regular glasses when I got back to MPB. It took a while to adjust.
17.15 miles
12.5 mph


72° humidity 46% wind 7 NE
Just a casual ride.
15.04 miles
11.6 mph


67° humidity 82% wind 8 E
Happy to see the sun out. Not happy for the wind. No energy to fight it.
14.92 miles
11.6 mph


69° humidity 83% wind 5S 14SW
Reported wind guided me to my usual route. Then it picked up and shifted.
15.18 miles
12.0 mph


66° humidity 88% wind 4 SW
Shorter ride out to BBD, SR56 to Hueland Pond. No pushing myself.
8.59 miles
12.2 mph
This week 100.1 miles
This year 3224 miles