20181118 cycling

bike lane

I had a better schedule for work which means less time for biking. But that all changed on Thursday when I was let go from my job. Now I have all day to ride but can’t seem to care.


77° humidity 76% wind 7-10 SE
Not feeling it today and the wind didn't help. I decided for a fat burn ride today and just rode a relaxed pace. I rode through K-Bar ranch to the end. Then I rode through Live Oak to BBD. They demolished the rotting and scary boardwalk since it is no longer needed.
11.6 miles
10.7 mph


72° humidity 93% wind 4-5 SE 7-11 S
Sunny and windy. Rode to Union Park.
15.15 miles
12.4 mph

73° humidity 88% wind 8 NE
Grey and windy.
Short ride. I had to push it just to get up to speed. Headwind along Mansfield
9.07 miles
12.1 mph

62° humidity 94% wind 7-11 NW
Chilly and windy and cloudy.
I rode out to BBD to SR56.
8.6 miles
12.1 mph


63° humidity 47% wind 7 NW
I waited until it got warmer to ride. Still chilly but the sun felt good. I could have done without the wind.
17.39 miles
11.9 mph


73° humidity 46% wind 5 E
Late ride. I wasted my morning going to a group job information session that went nowhere. It is hard to believe that such a large company has no idea what is going on. The ride started to relieve my anxiety about mile 10.
15 miles
12.2 mph


76° humidity 57% wind 4N
Late ride. Sun was setting. The biggest problem is keeping my mouth closed so I don't swallow any gnats.
Strava kept auto-pausing so I stopped and rebooted my iPhone. It was fine after that.
I rode through Union Park and it got dark no rode back through Meadow Pointe because there are no lights along SR56.
14.18 miles
12.3 mph

This week 90.7 miles
This year 3122 miles