20190930 cycling


A decent week of riding. I think I prefer riding before the sun comes up despite missing the good effects of sun on my body/


73° humidity 95% wind 2-3 E
Out before the sun came up.
Saw the cowboys getting ready to gather the herd. I had never seen them before.
Missed the school traffic, too. A good ride.
9.02 miles
11 mph


74° humidity 94% wind 4 E
No energy. My mind kept drifting.
9.02 miles
10.6 mph


75° humidity 77% wind 3-4 E
Out before the sun came. Almost back as well. Still a lot of traffic but not at the schools.
9.03 mph
10.8 mph


74° humidity 97% wind 2-6 E
Out before sunrise. I got my headlamp but it was dead. I plugged in the battery and it worked well enough for me to be seen. The streetlights were lit so I had no problems seeing the road.
School bus crossed the white line as it passed me. When it stopped to pick up kids, I went around it. We played leap frog two more times.
I rode through Union Park.
Police vehicle blocking road and bike lane in front of JLMS. I used the sidewalk.
14.92 miles
11.1 mph


75° humidity 94% wind 2-4 E
Tired from working late yesterday.
Legs kept wanting to go slow.
Grass mowing tractor nearly drove me off the MUP.
Strava ate up the iPhone battery. Lower power mode tried to click on.
14.95 miles
10.9 mph


75° humidity 98% wind 1-2 NE
Saturdays are nice because there is less traffic.
Trucker and trailer didn't see me crossing the road as they were turning right. I expected it and slowed down.
9.07 miles
11 mph


76° humidity 92% wind 5-7 NE
Warm and windy.
My body was still tired.
9.03 miles
10.9 miles

This week 75 miles
This month 302 miles
This year 2462 miles