20181028 cycling


Another good week of riding. Though it was less miles than last week, I feel very good good with 89 miles during a regular week with work. Then again, it wasn’t a regular week of work as I had some odd hours but they allowed me to ride more before I went in.


62° humidity 85% wind 6-7 E
Cool and windy. Love this weather.
13.2 miles
12.1 mph


69° humidity 79% wind 2-4 W
Sunny and breezy. Wind kept changing directions.
15.72 miles
12.1 mph


69° humidity 91% wind 6-7 NE
Dark and windy. The lights were not with me today.
Sunrise was pretty until I turned onto Mansfield and the sun was in my eyes.
9.06 miles
11.7 mph


66° humidity 91% wind 5-7 NE
Cool and sunny.
Still a general ache in my right arm while riding the road bike. Going to get the 820 back today.
14.21 miles
11.8 mph


73° humidity 93% wind 4-6 S
Back on my 820. I love the upright feel of it. I just wish it was little lighter, a little faster. Odd, but I rode faster today.
9.07 miles
12.4 mph


67° humidity 85% wind 5-6 NW
Wind changed direction once I got to SR56. Headwind along most of my route. Still, I pushed myself to ride above 12 mph
16.57 miles
12.3 mph


59° humidity 69% wind 7-11 N
Cool, sunny and windy.
Jerk honked at me for being in front of him in the left turn lane. I have him the finger. He accelerated and honked again. I gave him the finger again. He accelerated and went around me in the opposite lane and turned the corner in the wrong lane. I went onto the sidewalk and he stopped. I stopped. He says I cut him off but I moved when the left lane began so he was driving in the middle lane. So he is wrong. He called me a moron an sped off. Ass.
Strava kept auto-pausing while I was riding. I ended up losing about 1.5 miles. Weird.
10.0 miles (11.5)
11.1 mph (12.4)

20181028 bike miles.PNG

This week 87.9 (89.4)
This year 2859 miles