20181021 cycling


A really good week for riding. I was on vacation but had no money to go anywhere. I used those days to ride longer. I had some bike trouble but it didn’t stop me from riding. I finally broke 100 miles.


72° humidity 100% wind 3-8 E
Low clouds made the sun look odd.
No school today so traffic was light.
Headwind along Mansfield
15.23 miles
11.7 mph


Coffeeneuring #2
75° humidity 89% wind 5-7 SE
Sunny and windy.
Construction vehicles blocking my route.
Turned north at Mansfield and rode to Chancey.
Buttermilk Provisions
Dark and loud. $10.63 for ice chai and tart.
S'mores tart was really good. Basically shortbread and chocolate syrup with marshmallow web. It came first. After I was done with that, she brought out my chai. I said no sweetener and it is milk with spices. Meh. Disappointed
I fell getting back on my bike. 🤦‍♀️
Headwind the entire way home.
20.14 miles
11.4 mph


72° humidity 100% wind 2-3 SW
I went out to BBD but the wind was so slight that it didn't help along SR56.
15.93 miles
11.9 mph


74° humidity 89% wind 3-5 SW
I went out to BBD knowing that the wind was going to change directions.
Riding along SR56 was slow but not too bad.
Chain kept slipping and sagging if I stopped pedaling?!
17.41 miles
11.2 mph


Coffeeneuring #3
73° humidity 97% wind 5-5 SE
I round in the gloom to New Tampa through Flatwoods Park. Saw a dead alligator and dead raccoon in the bike lane along Morris Bridge.
Chain still slacking when I coast.
Easy pace.
Starbucks. Venti iced soy chai. Again too much in my tummy. Must remember to only get tall.
Rode back up BBD on sidewalk. Was a little bumpy until CLR then the sidewalk was gone. Ack!
Google thinks I need a new hub. Will take my bike in later.
21.39 miles
11.0 mph


Coffeeneuring #4
73° humidity 92% wind 3-5 NW
Got the 1220 down. The brake is shifted inward because of the crash. I tried to see if I could move it but I couldn't figure it out.
Pumped up the tires and took off. I was shaky. It was a different ride. I forgot how badly it needs a tune up.
My shoulder didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. I do like how nimble it is.
I skipped riding far into Union Park. Too much construction debris for my skinny tires.
I rode up Mansfield to Chancey then back down BBD to Wiregrass. I got an Apple Pie Donut from Craving Donuts. I walked around the mall but didn't see anything else. I did get some honey. I went to Starbucks because I needed to go for my star challenge. Some asshole left his monster diesel truck running when he went inside.
Rode back up SR56 to get in extra miles. Also a little lazy and didn't want to cross BBD twice. 21.04 miles
11.7 mph


73° humidity 81% wind 9-10 ??
Reported wind direction was SW. felt more like NE. I rode out to BBD based on report. Headwind along SR56. Left hand beginning to hurt from bruise I got a week ago at work. Right shoulder aches from broken collarbone. I do not like leaning so far over the handlebars.
14.77 miles
11.4 mph

20181021 bike miles.PNG

This week 125.9 miles
This year 2756 miles